Pricing help

hi guys, i was asked to bid on gov buildings but never done it before, this is what must of these buildings look like ( 130 building in total ) can anyone tell me what would be the overage price per window considering that i’ll be using boom lift in most of the jobs. thanks in advance!

Is the terrain the same on most of them? Flat? My experience with government jobs has been not so good… Lots of red tape and slow to pay and they go for the lowest bid. But if you bid it use the factor bid process. Window count verses time it takes with labor cost. That’s a lot of windows if its 130 of those buildings. Are you good with a lift? They can slow you down. Maybe consider wfp. Just need to clean the frames as well as the glass. I would charge more per pane for the top 2 floors than the bottom 2. Not sure if this helps or not.


thanks John!