Pricing on a 3 story

I am pretty sure to get this because Im doing scratch removal and hard water stain removal on the other side of bldg. But I seem to convert a lot less of these type leads than others. I have read baxters book and I know how to get to these windows I just don’t think I price it right. So I would appreciate it if you 3 story warriors could shine some light on this. Top of bldg is 27’ if you ladder the top how much more do you charge than the level below it and then below that… and is it strickly time that you base the pricing on or some other industry rule of thumb. thx in advane.

Personally I would Price like this.
1st 2 Per pane
2nd 3 per pane
3rd 4 per pane
4th 5 per pane
for inside and outside, if the black glass isnt an actual window then I would price those at 60% of the normal price per window.

Keep in mind that you may not have to be as picky with the black glass since it isnt an actual window and people wont be looking through it, so you may be able to tweak your price a little if you think it turns out too high.

If you are just doing the 3 stories, i usually just go between 3 and 3.50 a pane depending on accesibility (trees, cars parked to close to bldg, office desk jammed up to window making it hard to get to…etc) …You could very well price it at what xravenousx did, and it would be about the same more or less. Just my two cents as to how i do it…it keeps me competitive and inline with others, but every market is different.