Pricing Question

Made a call on a local business (commercial, not retail) and was told my price was sky high, and was curious how some of you would price this:

There are 4 bay windows like the one pictured, each with 16 panes that are approximately 14" x 18", so 64 total panes, all ground level with easy access.

My price was $96 in/out, and $60 for outside only.


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yeah sounds high

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This was in Louisville, KY. I’ve been getting typical storefront glass at $2 per pane inside and out, but had never priced anything like this before. I was told I was double what they paid last time (they don’t get regularly cleaned). Still have a lot to learn!

First of all… awesome.

When it comes to windows like this, I think we get shafted when we do the “pane” count.
You might be better off thinking “ok, how long will it take, honestly.”

Because I’m following you with the per pane price, but someone will always come along
and say, "hey, I can do this whole job in "X"amount minutes

And undercut you by half.


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Thanks for the input and education.

Dont forget prices are subjective.

What one person will pay 0.25 cents for someone might pay $50!

Thats all based on how you look, act, present yourself - why buy a Ferrari when you can but a shit heap on wheels, both get you from A to B

Why shop at the most expensive place in town, when you can but it from some “shady” street guy.

You get the idea…

So long as you get around 40+% of your quotes your doing good.

Bare in mind, you need to make a living and a profit, so keep your charges in perspective to your costs/outgoings/living expenses etc, these will be different to where you live.

I’d rather get a different job (working for someone else), then undersell my time when it comes to paying for all my expenses.

But some would rather price so low “how low can you go”… they just dont realise they are making a loss - they are just THAT desperate.

I get people paying my prices, so I know im somewhere in there…

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I’m still working on getting a feel for pricing, and most (all) of my business so far has been at the retail level cleaning larger storefront type panes, hence my throwing it out here to the pros for opinions. I have never worked on this style window before, so I could only guess as far as how long it would take me. With all the individual panes, that’s potentially a lot of detailing for someone with my level of experience. I’m tempted to tuck my tail and go back and see if they would give me the job at their last price just for the experience so I could have an idea how long this style window would take me, but the little voice in my head, along with my sense of pride keeps telling me to move on and leave it be.


I understand ma’am, we price to be competitive but also need to earn a living and we understand not everyone can afford our services. Feel free to contact us in the future if you have any questions or concerns.

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Since this business wanted to squander over $60-$90, that would simply tell me that they are pinching pennies and and more than likely they aren’t worth your time, there’s nothing wrong with your price. How much time are they spending calling around for what is basically a nothing job? You just spend 30 minutes to go bid $60 or $90 for a job and then you have to go back, well that job is now worth essentially $20-$50. When I get those calls for a commercial quote over the phone I let them know my minimum price, that way I can tell if they are price shopping so I don’t waste my time. Generally if they give me a description of the windows or text me a picture I can give them a good idea.

I have found this time of year i.e. slow season pricing becomes more of challenge work is slow guys get hungry and nervous and the first instinct is cut prices.

Then the busy season starts and guys stop wanting to work for peanuts and stop showing up that’s when youget the prices you want

In this particular case, I am not out any real time or effort. I was next door having lunch and noticed their windows needed some attention. Went in with a card and spoke to the manager of the office so see if they had an interest in my service. No big deal, other than they still have dirty windows and $96 dollars that ought to be in my bank account.

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No problem ma’am , hey I know a place you can get s Steak for half price too. You might have to chew it twice as much as were I get mine from … But hey it’s half price


Here is the problem with storefront , or even commercial for that matter (especially storefront ) with those type of Windows

They do not want to pay what we need to get to clean Windows like that… French doors included.

Ever see the Restaurant with all the French doors . I don’t even bother asking if they need s window cleaner . Ya they do if you charge them what you get for your regular glass price, but then it takes you 2-3 x longer
So hey you threw your price out there he didn’t take it so what. Like someone said there might be someone who gets it , an he says yes until then you need some knows before you get that yes

Def ears to anyone who says I got a guy who use to do it for half price. Ya sure you do buddy where is he., an how long ago was that 20 years ago

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For the 4 windows we are discussing, I’d be at around $80, but my minimum is higher, so regardless, I’d charge more for the visit.

Objective pricing needs flexibility. This is the problem you will run into when you say a pane of glass per side is .50 or 1.00 or whatever. You end up with crazy high prices. Be subjective. When I do this set ( and we have several clients w/ these) I am standing in one place, not using a pole, a strip washer in my left hand washing and squeegee with my right. The detail ( any rag) work doesn’t not come out until the end. This section 1.5 minutes per side max. and boom to the next one. Inside a little longer. Watch all your moves for super efficiency. Everything ! Where you place your bucket…Every time ! Stuff like that. The bucket would never go inside the business on a job this small. It would be placed right outside the door ( safely ). Are your right handed ? Then work left to right, always ! Unless the wind is blowing hard right to left, then reverse that. All of this matters as much as just saying " we charge x per pane ". All of this gives you the competitive edge learned from years of trial and error and perfecting technique and professionalism.

I price this job networked with other jobs close on that route and at about $ 35.00 per month and will achieve our $ 65.00 hour goal for small route work ( Southern Ohio ). A dollar a minute basically. I will bill them on a qtly basis and not collect every month. Because you will have months where it will take 10 minutes for them to even find the check book or the new girl will not know how to do a payout. Work smarter. Think competitively and efficiently. Do it !!


Good post! “Competitive Edge”