Pricing structure

Hi! I am new to this website and new in the business. I would appreciate anyone giving me a form, guideline anything on a good standard pricing structure. I am look for a professional documentation and good sound information. thank you. sheila

Sheilaj, i don’t think its possible for someone to give you a standard pricing structure , as it varies by where you are what your level of expertise is and what your competition is like, Also there is such a wide variety of window types , some taking 20-30 seconds to clean and others 10-20 minutes, also other variables include , how high, how awkward,how much you want the work etc,
when you are starting out, the best you can do is aim for an hourly rate,but take into account that your more experienced competition will probably be much faster than you for a while so you need to make that hourly rate realistic
Best of luck with your new business

The most basic pricing structure includes factoring the amount of glass (i.e. number of panes), access to the glass (i.e. ladder, roof, furniture, breakables), and level of dirt.

Many individual window cleaner websites offer a price per window charge…

Another thing worth mentioning is…having a particular hourly price you desire? Lets say you want to achieve 40.00 and hour(hypothetically speaking here) :wink: You get to a residence and do a pane count with extra for ladder sets interior setting etc.

Then compare you pane count + extra’s price based on the time you’ll think it will take and compare to your [U]desired hourly[/U] then adjust accordingly if its really out of whack. If it’s relatively close your hourly & total pane count with extra’s… then you know your on your mark!

I agree with Craig. Decide on what you want to make. If you want to make crap, then you’ll pick up some crappy accounts. If you want to make good money, then you need to fit the part and you’ll get some good accounts.

Don’t be ridiculous your first month and expect to make $200 an
Shoot high but be realistic.
Here’s a big account I just got. I make somewhere around $80 an hour and takes a good while :slight_smile: I also got them to agree to once a month :slight_smile:

Here’s the pic


What kind of work are you aiming to get, residential, or commercial?