Pricing waterfed pole service

Thank you all for sharing your experience in the window business on this site. I’ve been cleaning by myself for about 10 years now and there is so much more to learn.

My question to you all is this:
For 2-4 story buildings, are you charging less for your service than say someone using a boom lift, or close to the same? I’ve done several buildings now using water-fed and it’s considerably faster, so do you use this as a competitive edge in pricing? I Don’t necessarily want to be the cheapest, just wondering if you pass on the savings to your customer?
Can you give an example please?
Thanks, Chris Cassidy/ Clearview Window & Blind Cleaning

I quote my hourly rate for how much time it would take me to do traditionally with squeegee & ladder. Your costs for filters, membranes & equipment have to be counted for, so for the extra time & expense away from the job - this is how I account for it. The fact that you are doing it quicker is none of there business.

I may not be the cheapest but I am competitive ! "- that is exactly what I say to my customers. I charge the same price as when trad (seems a long time ago now) Cannot give an example as I have never used or priced with a boom lift.
Your speed will also increase slightly the longer you do it. Work smarter not harder, its the know how the customer is paying for.

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ps I generally charge the same price for each floor of typical a “window” up to three floors.

Thanks for your replies and advice. I didn’t want to leave deserved money on the table when it could mean dinner for 2 with my wife or something.

Hey electric window cleaner, What happens after 3 floors (price wise)

When you get higher than 3 floors, even the best poles start to flex and sway a bit. It is more difficult and takes longer to clean 4th and 5th story windows. You will want to account for that in your bidding.

I normally charge 1.00 more of my “full pane price” per anything over 2 stories.

So…if your per pane price is 3.00 3rd story would be 4.00 4th story 5.00 etc.

There only seems to be 1 company around here who does midrise. I have never seen these guys but with that said there are thousands of buildings here. Some of my customers have told me they can’t find a cleaner to touch the building at all. So I can charge whatever I feel. One part of me thinks I am high, another part worries about being too low. But my charge for a 3 floor building 100ft X4 is $2500 outside only. I won’t do inside as there are to many factors that will kill you on time. IE worker cubes. I have had ok luck with bidding this price. I find the jobs on average take 1 day for 2 guys. A one man band can do the job alone if they got there early enough and stayed late. But I perfer to hire for this. I pay the guys who come well. Very well. $500 each per day. If they go over 1 day their 2nd day pay is $250 so in the end the least I walk away with is $1000 for getting the account and then sitting home. If your doing a CCU on a building you will need a lift as you have to razor the glass. The I can get a 50ft lift here for about $150 per day, plus $250 for drop off and pick up. If the job needs a lift I tack on $1000. So far things have gone ok. I have only done a few mid rise as for me it’s finding the check writer that’s hard. Finding the guy who gives the ok for the glass cleaning is a pain in the glass lol.

I’ll drop for 85/ hour on a bosun’s chair… 4 Stories…100 Stories… It’s all the same.

What happens when the authorities make chair work illegal?

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Then only criminals will have chairs.

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