Printing Very cheap and the quaility is 110%! 1,000 post cards with color on front and B/W back on glossy hard stock for $33.00 plus shipping, my cost to send out including postage is .55 ea. I also use Sales to target my demographic in my area! No way I pay someone to do my direct mail, do it yourself and save the $$!

Check out Right now they have a special of $99 for 5000 4x6 postcards double sided… I have ordered from them in the past and the quality is excellent. Shipping is $50 for me.

They have great prices on fliers I see. 5,000 full color/2 sided 8.5 x 5.5 for $300? That is pretty darn good.

whoops, I lied. Those prices suck bad. Check out the place I use, unless you want to pay $185 more… (look at the crazy cheap prices for fliers too. 5000 8.5 x 5.5 full color 2 sided on card stock $199!)

Wow, Paul. Amazingly good prices. Thx

I had no idea that printing could be so CHEAP! and it looks like there is absolutely no sacrifice in quality. I’m really thankful for this contribution. I just spent bukoo bucks having some (albiet really nice) business cards printed… I don’t know if I would have bit that bullet if I had known about this.

I’ve got to jump on this thread. I just got back three different orders from in the past 60 days. We did a holiday lighting post card that was great. I ordered 5000, full-color, front and back, glossy coat on heavy 14pt paper. With shipping it was only $156. THey were great.

I also just recieved my 4th round of business cards. This time I jumped up a notch to the really nice shiney stock. Solid white with my logo, phone number, and motto on the front, and a bulleted list of our services on the back. I got 5000 of those puppies too. Really cheap.

The third was a new item just for me. I finally got my own personal biz cards with the proper title and cell numbers. They differ from the ones above because they are black with the logo like my avitar and with a full-body pic of me standing with my gear on. Same things on the back though. They turned out really nice. I was worried with the whole black card thing, but the logo, font and text, and my pic really stand out. I’ll try to get them posted on the business downloads on Tuesday.

I have looked at the other online print shops and can’t find the deals like the ones at They are great.

On another note, what software are you all using for marketing material creation? I am currently using Microsoft Puplisher. It is ok at best. Can’t do much with pic or fonts except click and drag anywhere. Has anyone tried the Art Explosion Publisher or the Printshop Pro Publisher Deluxe? These are a few that I am looking at getting to achieve the mastery of marketing material creation.

Bert, I recommend

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

Curt, I am curious as to what the picture of a hand means on your card. It sorta looks like you were testing your camera by taking a pic of your hand

I am not trying to be a weenie, I am just trying to understand the design. I am probably trying too hard :smiley:

Looks like clear plastic business cards. I’ve thought about getting some of those made for the really nice accounts. What company did you use for that Curt?

Yeah, it’s a plastic business card. The clear is supposed to be reminicent of clean glass… be prepared because it is EXPENSIVE (I went over the top too with the IWCA logo being in foil), but I honestly believe this experiment will brand my company in a favorable way and keep my momentum going to land the bigger accounts, and more profitable jobs.

The company I used is :

FYI: I paid $762 for $1000 of those cards… I’m not going to be handing them out like candy if you know what I mean.

ha, I think you are right.

pretty cool, but easy to lose!

I was looking princing on some custom made gift cards and came across that site and really liked the clear plastic cards.
Curt, send me one on the mail and I’ll send you a buck :smiley:

pm me your address and I’ll make sure it happens when I get them. For the price I have high quality expectations… their service has been up to par so far.

Will you be in Atlanta? I could pass a few out there. As for your buck: I think I owe you a couple from your ideas passed around here as things stand, so you can keep it :wink:

Just the fact that you or someone else here might have used something that I said and turn it in something productive is more than enough for me :slight_smile:

And check looks nice and you can request samples, I’ve just received my sample pack, 4 or 5 cards and they’re awesome.

You just did it again, it looks like there might be a price advantage going with this company. I like the idea of being able to see the cards beforehand. (especially with several options to look at). Will you be at Atlanta to show off those cards?

Hey Curt, go to their website and order samples, they’re free and they ship really fast.

About Atlanta … I would love to, but money is tight, really tight, hopefully everything will be just fine, but I’d rather be safe.