Pro Gutter Tools

What are everybody thoughts on the tools I am thinking about buying them and would like to read reviews before I do. Thanks

Do you mean to maintain gutters or to clean them?

I’m also looking into gutter tools. Specifically, the gutter vacs

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The pro gutter tools are a set of hand tools or tools to be used with a pole for cleaning gutters.

apparently in the uk gutter mounts are outside the gutter, in my area they are across the top of the gutter every few feet.
i use a boat hook the hook allows me to pull debris under the cross brace then i turn the hook on its side and slide it under the brace, push down and pull debris toward me
3-3/4, 6 and 8-1/2 ft Telescoping Marine Hook | Princess Auto

not as fast as moving a ladder but when thats not practical it works great.

it screws on so i use it on whatever pole is best suited for length

Your talking about these right?


I played around with these last year. I didn’t get to use them in a real environment on the job, but they seemed like they were made pretty well.

they work really well i can vouch for them use them at least once a week [for UK style gutters ]

I took a 10" Unger Pro Soft Brush and Squeegee on a telescoping pole, cut the brush head down to 3" and now use it for hard to reach lengths of gutter which allows limited ladder movement as well. It is sturdy enough to drag/push debris, plus the brush side can assist where the gutter installer used too long of screws into the gutter.

10" Water Flow Soft Brush with Squeegee | Unger Pro


Too bad they aren’t sold in the States. Looks like a great tool!

Thanks for all of the help I appreciate it.

that’s interesting, i use those for my wfp right now, added pvc ala wcb to attach to reach it and mount jets. i have one that i just replaced due to wear but it would be ok for gutters, thanks for the idea.