Pro Service Connect - Better Than Service Magic!

If you ever signed up for Service Magic then you need to check out Pro Service Connect. This company is way better than Service Magic. Their leads actually work!! And they don’t share your leads with any other companies. Plus there is no sign up costs or cancellation fees. And they build you free websites, optimize your sites for free, and market your sites for free. Basically, it is pay per lead so you only pay for the leads you get. And you don’t pay for the leads that don’t work. You only pay if you land the job or book an appointment or schedule an estimate. Great Service!

Check them out online at: lead generation service
Lead Generation Company - Pay Per Lead Services

Hopefully, they will be taking Service Magic out of business soon…

What is the cost per lead? Have you landed any Job’s? Did you have a website before they made you a new one? If so where did your old one go? :slight_smile: sorry for all the questions :slight_smile:

will the website they build and optimize for you out rank your current website?

The cost per lead depends on the industry… You have to fill out the application form on their website and they will give you your price per lead. I pay $25 for residential leads and $35 for commercial leads. They are more expensive than service magic but they don’t share your leads with any other companies. I would say that you land 75% of the jobs they get you. Plus you only pay for a lead when you schedule an appointment or estimate or land the job. So if someone is just price shopping you don’t pay. I have landed LOTS of work from them. Plus you only pay one time for each customer. So if you land regular maintenance you only pay them for the initial cleaning you landed not every month service. Its well worth it… at least for me. I had a website before I signed up with them but it was not ranking well at all! So after they created me my websites I had no need for my other one. But even if you already have a website it is fine. It doesn’t go anywhere. You keep it and keep getting business from it. They build you a bunch of websites for free. If you cancel they just give your sites to another company. It is best to sign up with them before another company in your area does. You can just get the work from their websites and yours… HOPE THAT HELPED!

Maybe… IDK… It is best to ask them all these questions but I can tell you that the ones they built for me out ranked mine. But it doesn’t matter really because you can keep your site up bringing business and then you can get the calls from both if you sign up. Might as well be competing against yourself. Send them an email with all your questions cuz I don’t know it all.

I don’t mean to be cynical / skeptical, but looking at Proserviconnect website, I notice that their top testimonial is your company. Also, the second testimonial is of another Phoenix, AZ company.

Also, I noticed in the HTML of both websites that both pages have “powered by proserviceconnect” in their author tags.

Not for nothing, but it seems to me that you are either A: Being compensated or hooked up for the marketing your doing for them, B: its your company or C: its a friends company and you are their #1 client.

There are a few other things I noticed while checking out the legitimacy of this, but since I admire go-getters like myself, I won’t blow up your spot.

But even if -you are involved with ProServiceConnect, what would the advantages be of a window cleaner in, lets say in my case, New Jersey signing up? Will PSC’s organic rankings nationwide eventually be able to compete with an SEO giant like Servicemag1c? I noticed that in Google Organics for “pressure washing Phoenix Arizona” your company (AZ Powerwash) is number 1, which is great, but then I cant find ProServiceConnect anywhere in the first 5 pages of results. Without the SEO “juice” of the other other major NSPs I cant see PSC providing others nationwide with enough legit leads to make it worth the while.

Cheers, and I realy don’t mean to bust your balls

This is when we need a Dange style emoticon to make the hurt go away. Like a big “two thumbs up” or a GINORMOUS smiling face or something.

Dange would make a great politician or negotiator… no question about it :slight_smile:

Chris, I have no problem with skeptics. I am a skeptical person myself. For example, I noticed that you are promoting the window cleaning resource. You are probably promoting the WCR because you like what it has to offer. This is the same reason why I promote Pro Service Connect. Every client that refers a new customer gets free leads so yes I am promoting them. No matter what my affiliation with them may be their services work GREAT! I also dominate the internet for pressure washing in Phoenix because of them. That is not an easy task considering the competition for pressure washing in the Phoenix area.

Regardless, their services work great and are far superior to Service Magic. That is the only point I was trying to make. I was only trying to help companies like yourself dominate the internet. Pro Service Connect is based out of Scottsdale, AZ. So, of course, their clients are going to be out of the Phoenix area. Recently, they have began expanding into Nationwide services. I told them I can help them with that. If I were you I would sign up before my competition does.

Service Magic never shows up on the first page in the natural results unless there is NOT a lot of competition in that search phrase. They usually spend money on Adwords and show up in the paid for ads section. For example Service Magic does NOT show up at all on the first page of Google for “pressure washing Phoenix”. Seen here: Google

However, the websites that were built and designed by Pro Service Connect, for me, do… In fact, I show up on the natural results 6 times if you include the map. That means I am 6 out of the 10 options for the “pressure washing Phoenix” search phrase. That means I have a 60% chance of getting clicked on. The service speaks for itself. Furthermore, there are no sign up costs or cancellation fees so that means that everything is FREE except for the leads. Also, Service Magic does not build their clients a website. They just put their clients in their directory. With Pro Service Connect they build you as many websites as it takes to dominate the internet for FREE. Pro Service Connect is not trying to show up on the first page for Pressure Washing or any other service their clients offer because they are building their clients websites and getting them on the first page of Google instead. They basically replace all internet marketing services. They try to get you as many calls as possible because you pay them every time you book an appointment. They are not just selling you a lead, they are selling you a confirmed appointment.

I will testify for Pro Service Connect because the results speak for themselves. If you want more work apply now!

BTW, Chris, I know they can help you out… I saw you are #3 in the natural results… #3 is only 11.42% of the clicks. Here is a chart: Click-through ratio of google rankings Give them a call. It is free to sign up and free to cancel. So literally you have nothing to lose.

I appreciate Go Getters like yourself as well that is why I am trying to help you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.