Problems with Ettore Pro Series pole

The top section of my Ettore Pro Series 12ft ext. pole is spinning and also pushes back down if I hit it against the top of a frame. I have had the pole for about a year and this is a recent issue. The top section is not the same as the other two sections, in that it has very fine groves that run the length of it. I took it apart and the clamp is not broken, although it may be slightly worn from the groves. Seems like a poor design since the rest of the sections clamp perfectly (no fine grooves).
Any one else have this issue and what did you do about it?

The clamp is worn down. Wcr sells them for about $5.

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You are probably right. But, I am surprised since I have not used it that much. I thought Ettore was supposed to be good equipment.

I think that maybe the pole having finer ridges may act as sandpaper and wear it down. I just replaced mine too.

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The style of usage may accelerate the clamp contacts wearing down. As Tim said, a new clamp will do the trick.

Why spend $6 for the clamp and $ for shipping when you can just but another pole for a few $ more at HD? And the Unger blue poles seem just as tough as any of the Pro poles I have. Just picked up a 16ft for $20. Sorry Ettore, but bad design.

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I been trying out the “Big-Reach” pole. I’ve had it about 2 weeks now. Comes in 2 sections. A 2 section 7’ and a 3 section 10’. You can unscrew the handle of the 7’ and attach it to the 10’ for a 17’ pole, or you can use the sections separately. Comes with various attachments and quick release tips which is nice. Also, it’s a twist-to-lock style pole but also has an external locking mechanism to keep the twist-style-lock from untwisting. Gets a 10/10 in my book for versatility. Now just need to see how long it’s going to last me. Seems to be a good solid construction but time will tell.