Professional appearance + Insurance

This is just another example of having a professional appearance. Not just another guy with a bucket and a broom pole.

I have these Quiznos accounts that i do. I do 2 stores for them. I know that the owner of these stores has “other” businesses that he owns. But he has told me that he lets his managers choose who they have to do their windows. I have talked to all of them. To no avail. Then I get a call from the owner on Friday, wanting to talk to me about my service. I am thinking “OK I am about to loose these jobs because of the economy”. These are weekly jobs = $55 week. He asks me if I have time to meet with him On Fri afternoon, I agreed and went to meet him. To My surprise there were 4 other ppl there also. His partners.

Introductions were exchanged. One of the owners began speaking and telling me about their plans. They wanted to Combine all of their window cleaning under 1 company. They wanted a company that was professional in appearance , does good quality work. And as INSURED. They had talked to all the other 4 WC’s that were working for them. They even told me who they were. That has never happened before. LOL. Any way They told me that they were interested in me giving them bids on all of their store and their Corporate office. An old house they had converted. I told them I had all of that info in the office. I Only needed to bid the Office. I looked at the house on the way home. $80 piece of cake.

So I email the owner that i had been dealing with late Fri afternoon With the bids.

So my phone rings @ 10 30 this morning and it was the Owner. I dont answer business calls on Sunday. So listened to the message. He told me that They decided to go with me and were looking to start next week. all managers have been notified. I did call him back and thank him for the business. He told me it was an easy choice for them. They already new the kind of work I did. The other owners just wanted to meet me before they made a decision. This will work out to 5 new stores the corporate office.
A total of about $ 10,000 a yr of new business for me. They are also well connected and a possibility for even more work. That is how i am going to survive :eek:

Well done man, congrats !

It shows when you care about your business, in all aspects

Congrats, Eddie.

Good for you, man.

good job!

Well done Eddie! Just another example of professionalism. If you give a good first impression, do quality work, and carry insurance it will go a long way to surviving these difficult times.

and a baseball bat helps too!

SHHH Matt or you’ll give all my secrets away!:smiley:



Nicely done Eddie!

This same thing happened to the company i worked for when i was doing a dry cleaner place. A guy came along with a bucket and a brush and took out the 6 accounts we had with them. We did them once a week…so two weks later we got a call saying they wanted us back…it really goes to show that people are illing to pay a fair market price for a job well done.

Nicely Done!!

This is a prime example of being on and staying on your toes. I have had relationships like this develop in the reisdential field that I mainly do most of our work in. Homeowners that fire their window cleaner at the company and bring me on board. Being a great company who cares about the customer and the overall customer experience is very rewarding as you found out. Nice job.

P.S. Quiznos subs are awesome! Maybe they will give you an employee discount!:wink:

I wish mine would

Really important to do these things
Way to go!

]Nice Job! you never know what could happen.
[]So he’s giving you retail dollars for retail service. Since a sandwich or a lunch is at his
]cost why not have one of the stores pay you in gift certificates. Then you can use these to acquire or reward new customers as an incentive! Or rewarding a source of referrals. This gets new people in the place to eat and the owner has an opportunity to pickup them as a new regular customer . The person you give the certificate to loves you and you continue to pick up more customers.By promoting and giving out more gift certificates that you aquired at cost If you plan this right you could actually charge more but get paid in credits. Just an Idea

Thanks for all the responses everyone. I have a deal kinda like that worked out with a Mexican restaurant that do work for. I do his regular store front windows every 2 weeks for him. He pays me for that service. Then once a month I do his mirrors on the inside . He in returns gives me 3 $20 gift certificates. To use as i please. I use them for referrals. And if i need more than that he will sell me more at half price. The food is not where they make there money. It is in the drinks…