Professionally-Created/Targeted Facebook Ad Companies

Hello all. Has anyone had any experience with any companies that specialize in Facebook ad creation for service companies such as our line of work?

I would appreciate thoughts or insights from anyone on this. Thanks much!

Most I have come across are not capable of handling it the right way. My recommendation would be to learn how to do it yourself. Its a good skill! → Redirecting...


Thank you Chris. Appreciate the reply! Any other experiences?

I completely agree with Chris. Do it yourself. Find a couple neighborhoods you are interested in pursuing, create a “personally” targeted campaign, minimal ad spend, pinged just over the area and go. There’s more to this but serves as a start.

Are you guys busy in Charlotte or is work dead

Residential is super busy despite shelter at home ruling. Almost 3 weeks out. Supervisor hired 4 more to keep up with demand to not leave revenue on the table. Creative marketing helps in times like this. Storefronts have certainly slowed at least temporarily. Those that stay “front of mind” with their marketing will come out of this winning.