Promotional window cleaning specials

HI GUYS, I am going to run a residential window cleaning promotional special on my free google website that I made.Anyway I do mostly commercial. I also do residential,But not nearly as much as I do commercial.I could really use some excellent advice,as I know a lot of guys on here are great!and give excellent advice.I want to post an ad on my google site for cleaning 20 windows for x amount of dollars.I am from pa and there is a guy who has a deal.20 windows for $139.00 and I think it was screens also! I won’t go near that price!I think it’s too low.I know it is a promotional thing but still no way for me.I was thinking$199.00 for 20 windows inside and out,but what about screens?should I include that to?seems like a lot of work.i mainly do commercial,and quite a bit of it.Do you count double hungs as 1 or 2 windows.Do you count each window opening in the house as one window for the special offer or 4 windows like with the tilt ins because that’s how many windows you would clean inside and out for one opening.Dont get me wrong I have done enough houses,but never got into the deal of it.after that initial clean you would put it up to where you would normally be at I assume. So basically what do you think would be a good promotional price with or without screens?I would say some restrictions may apply because of people spraying for bees,hard water spots,other things etc…I just don’t want to lose my butt on this one post on my Google site.I would greatly greatly appreciate if someone could put me in right direction on price for this and restrictions.I was at a guys huge log house yesterday where he sprayed for bees.I would have never done that one for $199.I may even go higher,but I want to get phone calls.Thanks a bunch to all of you guys!

Define “Commercial”.

I clean medical facilities.window cleaning for hospitals etc.What do you mean define?

My guess would be Garry wanted to distinguish whether you focus on large® commercial or storefronts. Might influence any advice we can give you.

I don’t really push a lot of residential.I was just basically asking what kind of price range is common for promotional residential window cleaning for 1st time customers.Just to get the customer on board with you.I don’t want to be to low like some guys I have seen .$139 for 20 windows inside and out with screens also I think is what his ad said.I was thinking $199 to $229 inside and out with screens.After the window cleaning deal expires,after that for next cleaning would of course be more money.To get people to use you for window cleaning I wanted to offer a first time customer deal.Does $199 sound reasonable for a window cleaning special?

The residential price range really depends on the job. My residential jobs are SO varied with ranch style, 2 story, 3 story, bungalow, Pella take down windows, French panes, standard double hung, XL double hung, large sliders, full window screens, half window screens, screens attach inside, screens attach outside - for those reasons I simply don’t do “20 windows for $XXX.00”.
I quote per window and include tracks and screens where applicable in the price for the job.

I don’t break it down on the price I give them for windows x, screens x, tracks x - I give a price on which of those I need to include for the whole job. So I have a formula that I just punch in for the particular window. If I said “20 windows = $139” - I could be leaving money on the table. 20 exterior double hung windows, screens, outside track surfaces, likely to land about $175; $350 in/out with tracks and screens. Do I want to give away $36 or more on a first clean that requires the most amount of work? Not really, I used to do that, ain’t nobody got for 'dat now.

As far as percentages go, I land a lot of big jobs and 20% off of just a $625 job is $125 I’m not going home with. People are happy to save $25 - $50! Don’t give away a grocery bill, or a water bill, or a hot date night. :slight_smile:

Years ago I used $30 OFF your first window cleaning. Worked well with getting people on my residential schedule.

Thanks for the feedback! I will take these things into consideration.