Property tax for tools

Hey guys,

I received a notice from my county about a month ago saying I must establish a property tax account with them every year for the purpose of annual taxation. When I called to inquire about it, I was told that property taxes must be paid annually for anything that’s used in the business - computers, squeegees, filing cabinets. etc. And since they’re just now getting around to finding me, I must pay back taxes for every year I’ve been in the business.

So, you pay sales tax on your equipment, income tax on the money you make with your equipment, AND annual property tax on any equipment you use in your business. This blows . . . .

Not in NY

Clark, did you get the pole today?

Yes, businesses pays Personal Property Taxes. And you are gonna love this, you pay taxes based on the value of new items, not depreciated values(at least here in Florida, check your local laws) So if you are using a 10 year old file cabinet, you pay tax based on the price of a new one…enjoy!

Now maybe you are beginning to understand why those evil rich businesses are always complaining about the taxes they pay…the average Joe out there knows nothing about

Rob I’m in Baltimore for a few days so I don’t know if it arrived.

I cannot believe what I am reading. If you re-elect anyone to office in your area you are
all fools. Get rid of all of them fast.

It’s the same in Montana at least so I’ve heard but I’ve honestly never gotten a bill for my tools. They call it the equipment or tool tax.

Get rid of your representatives. They voted for it.

The title of this rift should be changed to “property tax for fools”.

So your business tools are only 1 squgee, 1 window washing stripper, 1 ladder and 1 bucket. Im assuming anything else is personal. Or you can rent your personal equipment to your company and take the rental write off. If you have a good accountant they will tell you how to deal with this stuff

So now we are going to rent our equipment instead of owning it because the government makes it
a better deal?? How gullible are we? Who owns this country? Are we not allowed to own anything?
Will they decide next to confiscate our property?

told you guys the US sucks lol

go home! Lol!

So how do they know what equipment you have? Do you have to send them a list? What if you buy a new squeegee 3 weeks after sending them the list, do you have to send them an update? I’m sorry but this sounds like extortion.

Also, do you have to pay one time per pc of equipment or will you have to pay yearly for that old filing cabinet you picked up on craigslist for $20?

In NY the only property tax is on buildings nothing on vehicles or equipment. That being said our property taxes are outrageous. On a 2400 sq ft home my taxes are over $8000.00 a year. When I was in Myrtle Beach taxes on a 2300 sq ft house were $650.00 a year plus property taxes on vehicles were another $$700.00 a year. Also I do not need a business license for any of the markets I work in in NY. In Myrtle Beach between the county and different cities I was paying over $1,000.00 per year. So I guess the government is going to get there money one way or another. Overall my taxes were much lower in Myrtle Beach.

It is extortion. How else will they get enough money to buy the votes and pay off the people they need to get in? We rent our homes from them, and now we will be renting our other property from them also. Whatever happened to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Was it about their life? I have to pay a license fee for every small town I work in. They caught me without a license in one town a couple of weeks ago. I asked if this was the U. S. or communist Russia? China is trying capitalism. The US is trying Communism.

I thought these things are tax deductions…wtf is happening? And you hear about corperate flight and people wonder why.
I am in Jersey , we have lost so much biz here due to rediculous overtaxation of buisiness, and somehow everytime govt get a pass when its discovered that funds have been mishandled. our Ez pass what half a billion in debt a few years after implimenting it so they decided to hit everyone for a monthly fee to make up the differance…I used to say vote republican but they are all freakin crooks!

Here is an answer: vote all incumbents out That is what it takes to send the message…all out. If they know you will vote them in, it will always be business as usual.

What rubbish!

It is absolutely true. The only way to tell them we don’t like it is to get rid of them.
When they know it is dump time, they will get the message. Until then, nothing changes.