Protecting Poles During Shipping

So first off, its kind of weird that I decided to actually post this since I don’t often post but i guess Im feeling a little random (if you’ve ever felt like that too…)

I was just wondering when making the investment on a new carbon pole (especially a high mod) whether it mattered to anyone else that it came well protected in the box (bubble wrap/styrofoam/shrink-wrapped/etc) or not?

Thanks & hope everyone is able to stay safe, well, and as busy as possible right now!

We received our pole boxes earlier in the year and they were protected well. The ends using triangular shaped hard foam to prevent horizontal movement (when laying the box down).

Everything I have received was protected well from WCR. A competitor’s site, on the other hand, was bad as the screen cleaner wasn’t even wrapped and looked used upon arrival due to poor protection.

Sometimes, distributors gets a bad reputation for factors not in their control. Example: a manufacture ships the distro a product already individually boxed. The distro isn’t always responsible for opening said box and ensuring everything is good as the manufacturer’s QA team should have already.

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Nice. Thanks for the good perspective & your experience with the your purchases.

I had mine arrive in a box broken in two with the pole end exposed. Luckily I received 2 poles for a unrelated shipping issue that Alison? at WCR handled like a pro. I was able to pick one and repackaged the other. I mentioned and sent pictures of the mutilated boxes. Yeah I think that they need to use a beefier box. I haven’t had any issues after a month of use but still I don’t want to drop the $$$ for a beat and battered box!

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Thanks for replying and sharing your experience👍

Not wanting to turn this into a negative thread so ive changed the 1st post to reflect just the question of whether a well packaged/protected pole is important to you. Thanks!

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Hey there @ATF

I couldn’t tell for sure by your post if you bought a pole and something arrived damaged? I looked up the email address tied to your forum account in our shipping system and I didn’t see a pole order. Maybe you used another email address to check out?

We have an excellent complete no questions asked 3-year warranty on all of our poles. And of course, if something got damaged in shipping we would immediately fix it for you. ( just let me know )

Let me show you a few behind the scenes photos of our pole processing and packaging. As North America’s largest provider of carbon fiber water fed poles & systems, we see a lot of boxes come through.

This is where all the poles get assembled and boxed up:

We put these pieces of styrofoam in the triangle WFP boxes:

We keep a lot of poles on hand; this is what they look like before they get tuned up, hosed up, and boxed:


After they are boxed up, we stage them like this in various parts of the warehouse:

We use the triangle-shaped box for a couple of different reasons. The triangle is a strong shape; they take up less space once packed, it allows us to ship them quicker, etc…

The triangle-shaped boxes include everything needed to start working right away. Pole, hose, brush, fittings, garden hose adaptor. You can literally unbox and plug it right into your purification system. Its all ready to go.

With all that said, if you have a problem, we will fix it. 99.5% of poles arrive perfectly with no damage. Lately, FedEx & UPS have been totally overwhelmed; there are more boxes than ever. Some days we fill up an entire truck with just our orders. The carriers are handling more volume than ever and with that comes more damages than ever.

We are taking extra steps ( especially with liquids ) to ensure everything gets to you perfectly. ( and fast ) In the long run, it costs us more to replace a damaged package, so it’s in our best interest to make sure you get it right the first time.

Hit me up if I can help!


Thats wild! Im sorry arrived like that and glad we were able to correct it quickly for you. & thanks for the order :slight_smile: :heart:

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Sorta related… We have a great warranty - XERO Poles Warranty - WCR –


Thought I’d throw this in there too; I recently ordered/received a Xero Pro 50’. It came in the triangle box shown above. On the job yesterday I discovered the clamp on pole section 2 was defective and would not tighten, which allowed the head to spin when in use and lifting it an an angle off the glass.

I messaged WCR after hours, was immediately helped, and received express shipping confirmation for the replacement clamp first thing this morning.

Gotta say, when a company stands behind their products and offers that kind of attention to customer service; it’s just darn impressive.


Hey Chris, Awesome post! Thanks for the detailed reply and great pictures. As others have mentioned this is a good example of how your customer service is without question one of the best.

It has been probably 4 years since I helped my brother buy his 40’ carbon xero pole. (Man its crazy how quick time can fly by & you got me wondering how long it’s actually been…) It wasn’t under this email though (it may have been my .ok address)

Anyway, did you use to use square boxes back then? I feel like I remember it being a square box. There wasn’t any protection like the foam in the box at that time so its great to know that is standard now plus the triangular box. Just to clarify what happened in our case, even though the pole arrived with a broken piece (#1 clamp), with a phone call a replacement was immediately sent out. So there has never been a question of the great customer service WCR has.

Your reply with the pictures and warranty link will now be a great reference to future buyers that gives trust and confidence in your poles/equipment. So that’s been a cool bonus for deciding to post. Thanks Chris, and thanks to others (Endless) that have posted their experiences.

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Hello Chris. I have had great service from WCR. You guys sent the replacement pole next day free of charge since FED EX was not able to find the first pole. I forget her name. But your customer service representative was in contact with me the whole way through with updates. Real excellent service that is not found in most businesses. I apologize and shouldn’t have posted a reply originally. I was responding from my personal experience when seeing the boxes crumbled and thought that is not how an expensive product should be delivered. I was honest and shared my thoughts. I also took careful consideration and to re enforce the other box to send it back. I am still a customer and will remain a customer.


Happy to help! :slight_smile: :heart:

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