Provide quotes over the phone or in person?

I do all the above but really prefer seeing what obstacles I will be facing such as aluminum patio covers also do blinds shutters ceiling fans and in a great room need at least a 10 ft folding ladder plus now I live in Arizona and sun screens are popular didn’t have many in So. Calif where I came from so all these things weigh in as obstacles to me

We use Responsibid for online estimates. Although a few (like those w/ storms) we still do in person.

Ya sorry Tony, I should have put an option for online estimators.

its like groupon . when you do it over the phone … your taking a risk…ok if you have no time… but IMo much better to look at what your going to clean that way you can price accordingly . other wise your crew is ( could /) gonna call you all names under the sun. in his head and to you personally on the telephone when he arrives or during the work when its being carried out…

It’s nothing like groupon

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