Pulex stainless channel issue

I just got my pulex 12" and 18" stainless channels in. The 12" fits in my unger pro handle, the 18" is visibly wider and won’t fit. It also has different notches. Do you guys know what’s up? Did i possibly receive the technolight channel by mistake, which doesn’t fit normal handles?

You could probably file/Dremel those notches out and have it work that way. Or just order a technolite handle.

@leavingnc uses pulex stuff, maybe he knows what’s up.

True, but if it is a technolight channel then I’d prefer to return it cause that’s not what i ordered. And I’ve been looking forward to the unger pro handle for months now. There’s no way I’m not using it.

…or i could just go back to my liquidators and spend the next week modding them till they kinda work lol

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I feel like some suppliers like to just put a “similar” product in the box without asking if it’s ok. It’s never ok.

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I’ve also for example ordered a channel and a handle that are incompatible and had them send me matching parts instead as if to “fix my mistake”, but who says I even ordered that handle and that channel to go together?


my two pulex channels look like the top one, the one with holes i’ve never seen before

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Mine all have holes.

Do you use the technolight handle?

It’s looking like i may have received mismatched channels then, which would explain why they don’t both fit in the same handle.

yes, but the unger and moerman handles work with them too

That’s odd cause the technolite channels supposedly only work in technolite handles, and the ones i got don’t fit in the Unger handle i have.

@Alex do you have any insights on this?

Technolite will fit on Unger Ergotec handles. Looks like you received the wrong channel. Replacement on the way.

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Thanks Alex!