Pump up type sprayer

Long thread here…brace yourselves.

I have stopped using a BOAB and hence…stopped getting little bruises on my legs.

I either toss the mop into the bucket or just carry it.

I used to carry the mop in a BOAB and a squirt bottle to re-apply water. My belt looked like bat Mans belt…only without the cool 'Bat" and no hot chicks nearby.

I know Larry and others use the spray system by Under…I have been giving though to 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer to apply the water/soap for insides.

All of my clients are on a route so it is not often I have to deal with real dirty windows…just greasy little finger prints.

Anyone else every try or use a garden type sprayer?

I’ve used one as a wfp with paintbrush for in between bars or railings.


Please tell me why :confused:


I don’t see the relevance of this quote, to a system that actually works.

Many experienced wfp’ers have used this the way I have described to wfp between bars. Infact there are some wfp’ers that use a pressure system as a means of getting the water on to the window. I believe a manufacturer is now making systems using the pressure method copied from existing users of this method.


So how would you wfp between 1.5" bars?
I’m not asking if you have a job like that - I’m asking how would you do it with the current tools available on the market.


I see the humor…and the practicality…of the method described.

meanwhile…you guys have hijacked my thread. :slight_smile:

Uhhhh… I have never used a WFP in my life, but I can imagine exactly what Karl is talking about, and don’t see how your comment s even close to relating.

Deeper clean… I’ve never gotten bruises or even anything close to it from my boab, what kind are you using?

sometimes I spary of the exterior of the window with a hose, is this what you mean? or are you talking about interior cleaning as well?

why is there a thumbs down icon on my post? I didn’t put that there on purpose

Not sure of the type of BOAB I use…blue, one place for squeegee.

Interiors only.

I carry a bucket now (square) and a mop…

I thought maybe I’d try just using a pump type sprayer and ‘mist’ the windows then squeegee.

Scrub with a sponge any finger prints etc.

Just curious if anyone else tried this.


They aren’t 1.5 inch bars.
In some cases on my ‘barred’ jobs, I can’t even get a squeegee through to the window.

Anyone else every try or use a garden type sprayer?

Its wasonly me answering to your thread originally & I do believe its related & you have been answering what I’ve written. Its not hijacked if you are the only one replying or its related to the original question.

Thank you.


You’d be drinking alone…

Just forget it . . .

I have used only the hose from my DI tank (without the Water Fed Pole & brush) to spray DI water and rinse behind bars over a glass door pane. I did this after scrubbing the glass with a Doodle Bug (on a short pole) & white pad because it was not possible to use a regular scrubber and squeegee or the water fed pole brush.

Your idea of using a paint brush is great!!! I wish I would’ve thought of that instead of using the Doodle Bug w/white pad. The Doodle Bug would not reach all of the glass behind the bars but I believe a good stiff paint brush would’ve done the trick just fine.

Of course you were using a pump up sprayer instead of a DI water hose. That’s fine if you don’t have a DI tank and hose.

This method does not strike me as being funny…but more as a very neat trick of the trade. I’m glad you mentioned it!

Those of us with WFP setup can use a paint brush to scrub behind the bars as we squirt DI water (straight from the hose) over the glass.

Those without WFP and DI setup can use a pump up sprayer and spray distilled water to rinse the glass after scrubbing with a paint brush. This is the method I’m assuming karlosdaze was using.

I’ll try the paint brush the next time I run into glass behind bars or wrought iron.