Anyone ever hook up a pump to two di tanks? How do you set itup, cost, power etc. all help welcome

What are you trying to accomplish?

Hey Shawn, not trying to hijack the thread, but is related to the topic.
I have a DI tank and a WFP (starter package from WCR) and I’d like to use it on 2 commercial accounts that I have with no water source. I do have a full size van and a couple of poly tanks (55galls) … I remember you mentioned something to me about this some time ago but you are gonna have to excuse because I do not remember what it was.

Which pump will work for me on that case ? I can put both tanks together thru a pvc pipe close to the bottom right? Will the pump suck from the top or has to be connected at the bottom too ?

Thanks and sorry mikep for getting my nose in your thread :slight_smile:

You can hook up both tanks via the bottoms of them.

You will either want to hook up the pump at the bottom of one or drop a hose into the top and down to the bottom of it.

The pump you will need is readily available.

Thanks, I’ll try to get this done as soon as I get better with my WFP

I have my system set up with a 100 gallon tank in the back of my truck. I have two pump so we can run two poles at once. It is great you can get on sight, have your poles out and running in less than five minutes and bust out the outside of a house or commercial property in no time. If I need more water we can bring it or filter on sight directly into the tank.
Shawn, why are you not carring the varistream any more? I love mine!

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We do have the varistreams as well as the pump boards.

We have little time to add products to the site.

They will be up again soon.

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what’s the need for one for two Di tanks?

windowsthatshine, any chance that you can take a picture of your setup to get some ideas ?
Mine is going to be inside a van, but have a pick up truck that I can setup to depending the job.