Pure water hose reel

I thought I’d share what I found at big box store with intials HD. This hose reel works great in or out of the truck. It’s “live” so it can stay hooked up at all times. I used it this weekend and it was well worth the $80. With a few modifications it will hold a DI tank and be mobile, a huge plus for the big jobs

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To make it capable of holding a tank all you would have to do is extend it and move the back tires back about a foot. The tank should fit nicely between the reel and the taller handle

I’ve been considering getting one. My only concern is durability.

How much hose do you have on it in the pic?

Nice find, now pressure wash that drive waY and retaining wall.:slight_smile:

There’s 150’ on there but I’m sure it will hold at least 100’ more.

Hahaha that’s next weekend


I use a portable Cox reel with 160’ of supply hose – with EZ Snap QCs – on a collapsable Magna Cart.

The Magna cart is my best friend! I strap the DI tank to it, and hang 2 orange electrical cord reels with 150’ each of hose off the back

Electrical cord reels? That is soooooooooooooooooooo GHETTO, I like it. :D:D:D

Is that w/microbore hose on them, or the thin 6mm (5/16) pure water hose?