Pure water hose

What sort of hose do you use to run water from pure water unit to your pole. Is it just air hose.

we use the 3/8 orange air hose from home depot, then a 5/16 hose runs up the pole.

might switch it up this winter, but has worked well for the few years… plus its cheap :wink:


I use sprayers so 5/16 works great. I would like the rhino tubing. Problem is that the 5/16 fittings are really not sold except on online stores, barb type fittings made for 1/4 ID sometimes are loose or a bit tight. I just look around and find fittings that work. Also finding nice small clamps to fit are hard to find. Most cover 3/8 so need to invest in the small clamps, compression type if you want a fitting to stay. I have loose connections that don’t leak and tight fits that do. I like the 5/16. Like 76, 5/16 inner is great but do have 3/8 that can connect to it. For now use the 5/16. Winter may swap for 3/8

5/16th FTE hose is the best!

WCR 5/16 inch Pure Water Supply Hose

Agreed!!! ^^^^^