Pure Water sytem plans

Will be released Thursday 2/12…

Sorry for the delay on this everyone. We had a few set backs and really wanted it to be just right.

Ok our Pure water DIY yourself kit is officially in the store: HERE for $1499.00 We were originally hoping to keep the price lower than that, but we would have had to sacrifice quality and performance. We weren’t willing to due either.

This breif video just gives you an overview of what you get with your kit. Other than the parts we speak about you get a whole other box of miscellaneous fittings and hose to make it all go together. It even comes with Teflon tape, the only thing not included is a tds meter and a gfi switch. We offer inline / dual / and held tds meters.

We just mounted this to a board because its in our warehouse, but the idea is to hook it up on the wall of your van, or even on the inside of a pick up truck crago box.



We have had ours built for the past couple of months. And it has been running great. It produces over a gallon a minute. You could run 2 smaller poles off it or 1 larger pole.

Attached is a large image of it all put together in 1 configuration. You can zoom in all the parts to see the configuration.

When you purchase this kit you don’t just get a box of parts, you get life time tech support on it. If you have any questions whatsoever we are to help. Not only through the forum and email, you can also call us at anytime for assistance.

To Purchase: Call Alex @ 862 266 0677 or use the website.

Tech Support / Instillation help: Call Bill @ 781 769 7600

All I can say is WOW! Nice set up guys.

Thanks WCR !

Are you guys going to release the plans or just sell the DIY kit ?

I’m asking since I don’t have 1500 to spare right now, but knowing the parts that are needed i can start stocking parts until I get everything and then assemble it. Less painful that way I guess.

All the parts will be sold separately in the store, so you can buy the parts as you can afford too.

All the parts are in the store if needed separately:



If you do the total on the parts they are much cheaper when purchased together as a package… But your a VIP Carlos… So if you want anything in pieces just call me direct and I will work it out cheaper for you.