Pushing a Cart

I am currently staying in a middle of a large metropolitan city. There are storefronts everywhere…however, I do not have a car.

My question:

1 - How viable is it to have a cart with my tools and a bucket or water? Is this really out of the norm for window cleaning storefronts?

2 - I’m really set on trying this, but I’m trying to critique this as much as possible and the realist part is saying the water source will be a big problem. After cleaning a couple of stores, the water bucket/source will be all dirty…

Any advice or consideration for someone in my position of having a bunch of storefronts within reach but no car?

Thanks in advance

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many do succesfully. local guys here sometimes take the bus.


Here an option for you…

@HE_MAN has a really slick cart set up, maybe he can post the video for you.

Like @cactus27 said if there is a will there is a way @jkeeper!

There are many successful guy and company’s that run store front route work by bike or foot, I know a couple that have used public transportation also when needed.

You can also use the squirt bottle method, less water consumption less weight to carry around @jkeeper heres a link to Jordie’s @TheWindowCleanse you tube channel this is the way i also do most route work!

Good luck out there!


These guys have like my favorite website. They ride bikes around Chicago. Super cool


What do they do about the water source? Soap?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but in the squirt bottle, is it mixed with water and soap?

Step 1 - Squirt water/soap at window

Step 2 - Use sponge (not sure the terminology for this) to distribute/wipe around window.

Step 3- use squeegee

Again, please correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks for posting

Your correct on all your steps and yes soap and water mixture in the squirt bottle(s).

Step 2- wash wand, mop, sleeve… :wink:

Here two other steps you want to add to the list

Step 4 - wipe the frames.

Step 5 - detail the glass edges if necessary.

@TheWindowCleanse guys videos can walk you through the process.

your welcome.


Is there an ideal size for the squirt bottle?

Or a ratio, say a 32oz squirt bottle will typically clean x number of windows?

A lot of glass, maintained glass.

I just depends on how dirty the glass is.

The thing is when using a squirt bottle it is easy to fill on the go.

Just carry a small 2 to 3 ounce bottle of soap like @Samuel does for refills. Maybe he can post a pic,


my 22 oz bottle wet about 80 panes 2 hours ago


you bring some, you find a friendly business along the way that lets you replenish.


There are several ideas through a Google search of how to set yourself up with a easy enough bicycle and trailer rig for window washing. Actually, in some cases the bicycle and trailer is a way better option for store fronts and downtown offices than an automobile. Have a look at this one and do a little searching on how to build up your own killer rig! :slight_smile:cart

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I think that in a densely populated area a window cleaner could be very functional without needing a vehicle.

Bicycle/backpack/bus/cart improvisations are really neat. If an urbanite was able to get a bunch of interior glass and balcony glass residential and commercial clients there would be no need for a vehicle.

My son, @Natebrown86 will be operating from a bicycle this season and his 3 gallon Ettore bucket was delivered while reading this post. It looks like a picnic basket so I’m sure my wife will want one too. :bulb::bulb:I will tell her that I bought a picnic basket so she doesn’t get mad that I bought more equipment!


That is about what I average also per bottle, give or take a few panes.

Today’s job…


I recommend you get yourself one of these.

It’s comfy as heck and much easier to cross the street than with my former bike +trailer setup. I usually just ride it on the sidewalk at a leisurely pace. And I don’t even have to dismount when I stop if I don’t want to.

If you carry a few ounces of pure soap in a small sanitizer bottle you can fill your regular bottle from any sink and mix more solution on the fly.


Very cool bike setup Samuel!

And thanks for sharing you soap bottle pic!

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Thanks. That rig is the result of a year of fine-tuning and practiced minimalism.


It’s cool!

I remember your first bike setup with everything in all thoughs buckets! :slight_smile:


Yeah that setup had me on the fast track for thunder thighs lol