Pushing in screens plungers from outside

Spring loaded screen plungers push in easily with a sewing needle. I mounted the needle on the end of a pen.

We just use a flat head screw driver

…putty knife or 5way

curved dental pick

I would somehow stab myself several times with a sewing needle, but I like the idea. I’ve been using a stiff putty knife and my finger.

I use an old “Speedy Rewards” card (gas station purchase points card). While I wouldn’t suggest actually using an old credit/debit card, any card with a similar, flexibility/durability is useful. No risk of cutting or jabbing yourself, yet still fits easily into a pocket for easy access.

I use a knife. Specifically the flathead tool on my swiss like knife. I can wiggle it in and pop most pins and most blade hooks. Or, if you cut the screen with a knife, you can just use your fingers to pull the pins…

But I’ve been meaning to try the set of picks I got at harbor freight. You can get 4 different picks for like 2 bucks.

I had a screen mobile lady tell me she uses piano wire but that seems like it would be harder to get than my $2 picks.

I use a butter knife, pretty strong and thin and not to sharp to do damage in my pocket.

I keep a set of those Harbor freight picks in the truck. They are also good for sliding under to free screens that have been “glued” in by wasps and mud dobbers

My can opener helps me dig out all the built up dirt that glues screens in. But I do use the picks for pulling spline (sun baked melted worn spline) from screens while rescreening.