Putting in/taking out screen

So my mom is paying me a little to clean all the windows on her house. Some of the windows have screen and they are all like this. First pic is bottom of screen, second is the top part. Any ideas on how to put these in and take them out? I used a screwdriver to get it out, just kind of pried o the bottom until the latch came off the peg thing then just pulled straight down to get the top out of the channel things up top. Any experiences with these screens? Tried youtubing it but all the videos seem to be dealing with the spring type screens

Pretty much exactly how you did it. Once you have the latch off of the peg, those top tracks should pivot a little so you can push the screen out at the bottom then pull it out.

Yep…that’s how I’ve done those no real trick to it. It’s not a bad design if you ask me.

I would unlatch them from the inside , didn’t want to scratch the paint with a screw driver

If all the windows open. Go around and un latch each one from the inside and either don’t let the hook re attach and after doing this to all go outside and pull out towards you and down as the holders up top move like a lever.
Or after un latching each one at a time push out and down and pull inside or drop it safely.

If you cannot open the windows do the screw driver trick above and pull towards you and down… then completely remove the hooks and add scrub clip spinners on the outside to now hold the screen safely into window framing.

Thanks for posting.

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