PVA towel turning into a soap factory


I started using a PVA towel to clean sills, “The Absorber,” and after a couple hours it seems to have absorbed a lot of soap and just produces suds instead of absorbing water. I guess I could just use a second one, but I was hoping to just use one all day. Any suggestions? I usually use about a quarter cup of Dawn to 3 ¹/2 gallons of water. Maybe I’m just using too much soap?

Thank you.

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Holy shit Robin!

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Sorry reply sent before I was done haha!!
I use two small (nickle-quarter ) size squirts or drops per 1-2 gallons of water, have a second bucket as your rinse bucket. Rinse scrubber, resoap. Proceed. Dawn goes a long long long way.

Waaaaay too much soap…Everyone’s splash of soap is
different but like Blue Lightning says, nickle-quarter size will do.
I like as little suds as possible.

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Couple squirts of dawn in like 3ish gallons is plenty…. These new dudes are wild out here


Try spraying vinegar on it and wringing it out. I do that several times a day along with rinsing with water. It seems to kill the suds for me.

Holy Moly! Dawn is quite concentrated and only needs a small amount per gallon or two. Sometimes I will use about 1/2 dollar size for really messed up windows, but yea - quarter size dollup with 1-2 gallons. 1/4 cup you should be using about 15 - 20 gallons - probably even way more than that.

@ProWindowCleaning Thank you. I’m by no means new, just new to using PVA. I am just so tired of doing laundry every day.

Thank you so much. I actually like the suds. Everything just feels so smooth. And it helps my eyes when I’m using an extension pole downtown, easier to see what I’ve done up high. But I guess this old dog will have to change. But I guess if I learned how to @ people, I can do it.

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I don’t know what PVA is, but blue huck towels and waffle towels are great… just buy a lot of them… I do laundry maybe twice a month

I clean my rags every 3 days… o.0 couldn’t imagine how nasty towels looks after sitting for weeks to a month! Wowza!

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Just realized what a PVA towel is. I use those to absorb PLAIN CLEAN water off my car after washing it all.

It’s a chammy, chamois etc etc I don’t think they’re actually made to absorb soapy water as a whole. Aka wasn’t invented for that. :confused:

Very true. But it works wonderfully. Assuming you’re not a soapaholic like me. I find I get about 3 hours out of one before it started leaving soap behind. I’ll post back if last longer with less soap in the water.

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They don’t get that sour smell to em?

They will smell if you let them soak in dirty water over night but just rinsing, wringing them out and letting them air out after work they don’t smell. Like I said earlier, spritzing them with vinegar neutralizes the soap and allows you to wring them out better.

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I don’t have soaking wet huck towels, they usually dry out but look dirty and I’ll have a bunch to clean a couple times a month.

If I had to guess I would say I’ve got close to 200 blue hucks and 50 of the orange squeegee life towels. I’ve been only using the Maykker mop covers and I barley wash those too.

I haven’t noticed anything funky, I wash them more come winter because they don’t dry they just turn into colored ice chunks