Question about Fish

Well eveyone here is feeling the pinch(sd) including the store fronts! Maybe MR. Fish San Diego is trying to build a solid route and then eventually a 1% margin is a big #, whatever. We get calls from people wanting work 2 or 3 times a day and we refer them to fish. HHAHHAHAHHA

Fish just moved in to my area and is aggressively going after all my commercial accounts. They started out quoting DOUBLE but are now undercutting and they ask a LOT of questions. They ask my customers who cleans their windows, for how much, if I’m licensed and insured. (When I go cold-calling for accounts I just walk in [with an estimate ready], ask if they have a window-cleaner they are happy with and if they say yes, I hand them the estimate and ask them to please give me a call if anything changes and then walk out.) So far, have only lost one job to Fish but I see them all over. Glad to read on some of these posts that they’re not so great.

Sounds like they are doing what any company trying to get Into a new area would do.

I would assume them to simply be a new company, even though they carry a well known name. The franchise owner will price and reprice as any startup would, just trying to figure the area out.