Question about pump and wfp

I bought a transfer pump from Lowes that will boost pressure by 50psi. Do I put that on the infeed hose or the outfeed (pure water). My gut says infeed. I plan on pulling water out of a 5 gallon bucket that is being fed by the tap so I’ll have a little 5 gallon reserve.

I don’t have a pressure regulator, but assuming the tap is (i realize assumptions aren’t great) 80 psi a 50psi boost will out me at 130 which is 20 under the capacity of the DI tank.

It’s really windy here so the regular pressure isn’t enough to rinse well.

A pump is used on the feed side of s multistage system, but a pressure regulator is required for DI only systems due I believe >45PSI could result in channeling of the resin. A pump would be more appropriate on the output in your case, yes?

I did get fittings so I could put the pump on the outfeed just in case. I’ll try that. I didn’t realize the 45 psi thing. The only rating I found was a label on the bottom of the tank. How can you tell if too much pressure is messing up the resin?

Ive never used tanks, but I believe a change in TDS is the indicator.

Won’t putting the tap into a 5 gal bucket make the psi 0 since you’d be pulling it out of the bucket at that point?

From experience you will learn what is a real good stream coming from your jets, as well as too weak and too strong. I don’t have a regulator that works at present, but I can tell you that you need enough of a stream for the water to spread and cover the glass completely as you move the brush to and fro as well as down in rinse mode. In addition, you need to make sure that any solid visible particles are actually washing down and not clinging to the glass. When you have a stream that does this almost effortlessly when oriented to the window correctly and you don’t have to “catch up” to the stream, you’re in the groove or ‘dialed in’ as Troy Liposec says. If the water is bouncing off the windows you’ve got too much psi coming out. There are some tricks to compensate for not so perfect conditions of course. That’s my take anyway.

You should put it on the out side, 60psi shurflo or something similar, you should also pull from a 30-50 gallon source, it will make things easier.

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