Question about WW fluid

This might seem like a silly question for you veterans…

At what temperature do you decide that you cannot use solution and switch to windshield washer fluid ? 32 degrees or are there other factors to consider ?

Does it glide easily or do you normally mix it with something else ?

I appreciate your comments

Thanks !

Below 32 is a good start, frost on the windshield of my truck is a good sign it is time. I add about 12 oz. to 3 gallons my normal solution with no performance issues. Have more wwf and soap so you can adjust if needed.

In my younger days I would work outside no matter how cold it was… people looking at you like you were crazy… (now to think of it… I was). But now that I’m older and wiser I let these creaking bones tell me when it’s too cold.

These day’s I would add a gallon to 3- 4 gallons of water for outsides, if it starts to freeze, you may need to add more, you will be able to work with a little “slush”.

I usually make up 1/3 less of my normal solution and then top up with the wwf. wwf on its own is a lousy soap so you’ll want to continue with your preferred soap.

Depending on the temp outside and the temp of the glass you’re cleaning, you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I carry a 24oz. squirt bottle in my pouch on my tool belt. It has 1/3 alcohol 2/3 water and detergent mixture in it. There is a gallon of this mixture inside the truck. If the window is freezing up the strip washer gets a hit of my cold weather mix. I use a BOAB even for storefront work. I usually don’t go out if it’s below 25 or so, so this works for me. Because the mixture is in a bottle I can use what is left over the next day.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I usually have a few gallons of WWF in the van when the temps start to drop. I don’t use temp solely to determine when to add it because it coud be 34 deg and a strong north wind will cause the solution to freeze on the window.

That’s the funny thing about freezing windows. Sometimes they freeze sometimes they don’t. That’s why I have antifreeze mixture on my belt all the time in cold weather. My bucket usually has warm water and soap no alcohal. The strip washer only goes in for a rinse. I use the BOAB for store fronts.

We her in MN use ww fluid quite a bit from November to March. We use hot water outside down to about 25 degrees. There are -25 to -35 degree ww fluids. The lower the degree the more alcohol (I believe methanol). It would be great if you could easily buy the alcohol, but it is highly flamible and you need special certification to transfer it and you won’t really save yourself much month - that is why we just use the ww fluid. The only bad part of it is the coloring.

Methanol is the ingredient that keeps WW fluid from freezing. I’d suggest getting some straight methanol and avoiding the crumby soap and blue dye of WWF.

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