Question for DI experts

Would you get more gallons of water if you were to run 2 tanks. One filled with just premium anion resin, then behind that a tank filled with premium cation resin. As opposed to one tank of mixed bed? Lets say that the two tanks were half a cube each. I ran into a mobile detailer and he had the sickest little system. I got some info about his system and i am really thinking about hooking one up just like his.

So you saw someone running two tanks together? One with anion and one with cation… I’ve never seen that. Pretty interesting. I wonder what Bill will have to say about this one. I’m interested to see.

That is how I used to detail RV’s.

I got more Gallon but the water was not as good.

When I started last year using DI and a WFP I was renting two separate tanks (one cation, one anion) like that from Culligan. When I first described my set up to the fellas they seemed surprised that I was getting a O reading on the TDS meter.

I am now renting 1 mixed bed tank from Culligan because it is half the cost monthly. I do not get as many gallons out of the tank though.

I think Craig Adlrich has that set-up also.

three is the way to go,Tri bed,one cantion,two anion

yes thats what im talking about! Thats what that guy had.

what do you mean not as good the tds level took longer to rise

DI is measured on a scale 0-18+meg. 18 meg being the purest water you can have, TDS meters can’t read that high. 0 meg is close to 1 TDS. that being said mix bed DI will give you 18 meg. cation into anion will only give you 1 meg. max. and the anion smell real bad. you would be better off using two DI this will last a lot longer.

one cation and two anion wouldn’t be a good way to go you mix is off. Most DI are mixed 40% anion-60% cation the wrong mix will shorten the life of the tank.

you don’t want the cation resin going south first!anion resin is subject to organic fouling from non cationized water.

As I have said in the past all tds is not the same. The average total gal. is about 5000 with 2.5 cubic foot with a tds of 150, but that doesn’t mean thats what every one will get. your tds could be made up of different minarals that exchange easyer then others.

What type of meter do you use, Phil?

I use 2 tanks one cation and one anion. I bought my tanks, I dont have a rental fee, just a recharge fee.

I use two mix bed tanks. once the first tank goes south I move tank #2 into position one and put a new tank into #2 position. I use larger tanks than most so I get a ton more water out of them. I get my tanks from US filter. They have way better prices than culligan.