Question For WFP Experts mine has an issue

My Gardiner CLX 27 foot one year old has developed a weird issue.

A couple of the sections are frozen in place. I can’t pull them out. If they do come out good luck trying to get them to drop back down.

Section 2 was acting up so was using section 3 to reach second floor. One time after lowering that section went to the next window that section was locked in place.

Any suggestions on how to fix this and why it’s happened. The pole isn’t bent.


At the base of each section, there is a band of tape which prohibits the user from overextending the sections. Over time, this tape starts to loosen and bind up inside the pole. You’ll need to pull the pole sections all the way apart and remove the tape. What I do with mine is remove the tape, then mark a band near where the tape was with a sharpie. That way I can see when I’ve extended the pole as far as it should go.

Same thing happened on my SL-X. Twisting clockwise loosened one section up. The other section I had my brother help me twist it (him on one end, me on the other) as it was REALLY locked up. We wore WR gloves that I had for grip.

And here are the videos…

How to remove a Gardiner telescopic pole section - YouTube
Replacing Joint-Stop Tape on a Gardiner Telescopic Pole - YouTube

Able to get all but one unstuck. About ripped my rides arm out trying to get that section out. For such an expensive pole you would think better design could be used

I think proper maintenance is really important though… part of the reason it gets stuck is sand/grit getting into it, whether from the hose being internal (I always keep mine external) or from being in a dirty truck/van, getting crap in the base and it working its way up, etc.

If you don’t maintain expensive items, they often don’t perform at high levels. That isn’t necessarily bad design.

Not in this case


have some vasaline not for you lips accept winter time if wfp are the same as fishing poles it should make the pole losen or some greese from a spray can

food grade silicone spray?