Question I havnt seen asked - about commission based pay

I decided to actually take the time and write out a business plan this winter! It makes you start to think about all kinds of things related to your business, I highly recommend it if you have not done it before. I’m a sole prop but will need to hire this year and thus the question about commission pay: So to the question: in the commission pay structure, how do you handle call backs or when you have to send an employee back to an already completed job to fix something missed or not done correctly? Is that pretty much unpaid time or does the employee fall back on hourly pay while they are fixing up the call back? Either way will probably work fine, just wondering how others handle this situation. Thanks!

We don’t pay people for their own go backs.

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I agree, if your paying commission, why pay extra for something that shoulda been done on the first paycheck

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If they go back to redo what they missed or messed up on, its their fault…

This is how major companies work, when I worked for Chemdry if I had a redo I had to go back and re clean it…

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yes, it’s their time and their dime.

Imagine this:

Employee is getting paid a % of the job, so he is motivated to be more efficient.
So he decides to go really really fast, not do a quality control check and speeds down the road to the next job.
Why did he go so fast and not do his job?
Cause he knows if he has to go back he is gonna get paid hourly.

We need to take care of our people, but not hand them everything we own.

Heres what you do. Lets say you were gonna pay your employee 18%. Instead pay them 15% and save that 3% and give it to them as a “bonus”. At the end of the month, no redo or problems they get their bonus. If they do, take the money that money out of the bonus to cover your expenses like gas or even another employee to go do it

I worked for a Chem Dry Franchise for 13 years

Oh really?? How long ago?

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I quit sometime around March. I ran my business on the side for a few years and just took my leap of faith. Last year was my first full year.

Same as me, but I worked for a chemdry franchise 6 years… All commission based, but got tired of never knowing if next month would be a good month… I quit last year, now running my window bis but my old boss calls me in once in a while when he needs my help training new guys…

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Good idea.
I will put something like this into play

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Seems like that’s the consensus. Cool, thanks for the replies.