Question on DI Cart, Hi-Flo, DI225, Unger, and Pole, A , Single 40ft, Tucker

Hello. My name is Vincent Cameron. I am newer to the business. I started my company last January. I have started looking into getting a water fed pole system for the business. I recently came across an ad on Craigslist for the following.

Pole, A , Single 40ft, Tucker

Resin, Refill, for DI225, 2pk, Unger (3 of them)

DI Cart, Hi-Flo, DI225, Unger

I spoke to the guy yesterday about this and he has all this listed for $1600. He says it’s all brand new and never used. So my question is are these compatible? Is this a good buy to start out with a water fed pole system? Pros? Cons? Is this something I can buy and it’s ready to use or do I need additional parts? I live in Scottsdale AZ where the water is pretty hard. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I was going to make him an offer but wanted some expertise on this first as I am still learning about this part of the business. Thanks a lot!

Yes they are compatible A DI system would not be a good choice for your area. You would also burn through resin really fast. You can get an RODI system with a hybrid pole for just a little more money. You’ll be much more happy with a Hybrid carbon fiber pole than you would be with a aluminum pole.
Here is a nice set up
Unger nLite 22’ Hybrid Master Pole

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