Question on DI Cart, Hi-Flo, DI225, Unger, and Pole, A , Single 40ft, Tucker

Hello. My name is Vincent Cameron. I am newer to the business. I started my company last January. I have started looking into getting a water fed pole system for the business. I recently came across an ad on Craigslist for the following.

Pole, A , Single 40ft, Tucker

Resin, Refill, for DI225, 2pk, Unger (3 of them)

DI Cart, Hi-Flo, DI225, Unger

I spoke to the guy yesterday about this and he has all this listed for $1600. He says it’s all brand new and never used. So my question is are these compatible? Is this a good buy to start out with a water fed pole system? Pros? Cons? Is this something I can buy and it’s ready to use or do I need additional parts? I live in Scottsdale AZ where the water is pretty hard. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I was going to make him an offer but wanted some expertise on this first as I am still learning about this part of the business. Thanks a lot


If you have hard water you’ll most likely need a ro/di system. I recommend the IPC Hydrotube and if you’re on a budget the 36’ Brodex pole. Check them out in the wcr store. You may find that it comes out to around the same price.

So what exactly is the difference between the Hi-Flo DI Cart, and the IPC Hydrotube? What does the hi flo cart DI225 Unger do then? Like I said this is all new to me and a completely different language. Thanks for the reply!

Download this manual [COLOR=#0755bd]WCR Pure Water Manual[/COLOR]. It will answer a lot of your questions.

Do you have another link that one didn’t work

Try it now. I fixed it.