Questions about screens

Newbie here. How do you guys handle screens? Do you take them off even if you’re just doing the exterior? And what about second story? Do you usually go inside and remove them yourself?

Also, how do you clean the exterior window seal on second stories? Do you just reach outside from the inside and wipe them down?

Not sure I understand the questions.
If doing exterior and screens cover the exterior, then screens come off. Sometimes screens attach from the inside and if the customer is only wanting exterior cleaning, then there is a charge to go inside to remove/replace screens or the customer removes them ahead of cleaning day.

Second story? Pull screen, clean window, clean screen, replace screen. (ladder needed).

Exterior seal? Do you have a ladder?

You’re going to need a ladder to reach those second story windows. Remove screens from the inside of the house before starting the job. Get a 24 foot ladder with red tips rated for 200lbs. Get a ladder stabilizer and some xtenda leg leveling feet. Watch some videos on YouTube so you can know what you’re getting into. After reading the questions you’ve asked, clearly shows you don’t really know much about what your doing, educate your self first on YouTube as much as you can before starting out

I just tilt them in if double hung. Leave the screen in place, clean it there.

Man… Read a window cleaners guide or study. You can’t just throw yourself into a business you know nothing about. Not fair to the people who are paying you. Your other thread was asking if you should clean the inside of windows, now you’re asking if you should remove screens? Jesus…

I sound like a dick, but you need it.

I wouldn’t want a guy to work on my car that knows nothing mechanical.

Anyway, you don’t waste time going around the whole house popping screens all in one go, like the person above me said. You push up on the screen while pushing a bottom corner out, after cleaning the interior of the glass (don’t touch the damn tabs with your beginner hands!). You leave the edge out so you can easily remove it while on the outside.

Please read a window cleaning book.


I’ve done a few jobs over the years where the genius that designed the window did it in such a way that getting the screen out meant first removing the window from the inside. If you have to do that then better figure it as part of your bid. Lot of different windows out there. Best to be able to figure out how to clean the screens or the access the glass before you bid it, imho. Or not… you could just get that windex spray in a bottle. Aren’t you supposed to be able to clean right through screens with it? Like magic. :cowboy_hat_face: