Quick Books Online

I have The Customer Factor for my CRM and use the accounts section for expenses and payments etc.

Then all my receipts, expense printouts etc are given to my accountant to deal with my tax returns.

Therefore, as a sole trader with no employees do I need Quick Books?

Your thoughts and opinions appreciated!

NEED? No. No one NEEDS it.

Should you use it? Yes.

QB’s does so MUCH for a business, it’s great. Then again, I am a tracking junkie.
But to be fair, I don’t use the online version. I have it on a laptop, my business laptop.

QBO is the greatest mobile customer / employee management software available!

It is AWSOME!!

Years ago we used Quickbooks Desktop… Then came the online version!

Would never go back.

Xero is pretty awesome too and you get a discount if you are a WCRA member.

The new qb app and their online patron has improved it and I think it’s because if the competitors like Xero

Do you use TCF also? or is it your main CRM?

Just trying to work out if I used QBO that i would be paying out twice for something I may already have and not need.

I dont want another CRM in that case and i have an accountant for dealing with my tax issues.

Nope, I don’t use TCF.


Personally, in my case the only programs I use are qb online and Responsibid.

If I was going to use any CRM or program like that it would be Jobber without a doubt

Tried Jobber, didn’t have what I require from a CRM - but thats been explained in other threads and another story.

I get a feeling that based on those that have replied that they use QB dont use another CRM already, and it’s their main CRM and accounting “thing”.

So i think id be paying twice for the same thing (accounting/expenses software).

Thats a good assumption. For us incorporating google calendar for reminders and scheduling along with qb online facilitates our needs and it’s simple. I felt that having a good an accounting program was more important that a CRM program. If I had a large company I would probably do both

the reason that you might want qb is for having a better accounting experience. I hate double paying as well but paying an extra 27 bucks a month could make things a little easier at the end of the year

I see what your saying… it’s more for the accounting side of things for you…

Based on the fact i have an accountant doing my tax returns - expenses and takings are dealt ok via TCF already…