Quick connects. di/tanks

What are the best quick connects ? What are you guys using ?
@GenaroGuzman what are you using in that video you made ?

Hey mike , what’s up. I just use the cheap ones they sell at Home Depot . If you want something More solid And durable I would go to a plumbing store that sells fittings

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Banjo…best on the market


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Nice … this is what I’m looking for. Thanks !!

Perfect these things are great

Funny !! Becuse I new about them. I’m setting up a chem tank for a air diaphragm pump, An I’m using them for that. Just didn’t think of it for the di tank.

And see that power washer …oh ya getting Banjo fittings

The Mind is a terrible thing :exploding_head:


Cool man. Glad it worked out for you. I use banjos on pretty much everything low pressure.

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Hi guys don’t know if this is what you are looking for or even if you can get them in the US but these are made by the same company as Uni Valves