Quickbook pro '11 HELP!

I bought this program earlier this year thinking this would make things much easier, however, it’s done quite the opposite :(. I somehow, someway, (don’t ask how) “owe” one of my customers $40. Originally it was only like 10 or 15, then as I fumbled around trying to fix it, it bumped it up to $40. Now in reality, none of my customers have a credit, only balances. How do I fix this? I don’t personally know anybody with quickbooks, and it is getting frustrating. Any help is appreciated. If need be I can pm you my number and we can fix it over phone. I don’t care either way. Thank you

I don’t have QB 2011, but I would suggest a call to QB tech support or possibly the QB forums, I have found a lot of help there.

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Go to the customer center, find that client, and under their info it’ll show all their transactions. Make sure you have the filter set correctly (ie, “ALL” or “last year to date” versus just “this month”)

You should be able to see the problem from there and fix it; you probably either entered in an overpayment or tip without a transaction to match.

Thanks for everything guys. Records are accurate, however my account will have a headache when he goes through my books this year…

You should have your accountant set up your quickbooks to make sure it’s working correctly. I also had this issue and it pertains to one of your transactions with your customer. My quickbooks is 2010 not much differant. It’s most likely in a payment you accepted in quickbooks. You might not have put in the correct amount or saved the payment without applying it to the customers account. What I would do is delete all payments from the customer. This should leave an open balance for them. Then go an apply the payment received with the correct dates, amounts etc. Should be good to go. If not than adjust it in one of their invoices as a manually entered line item.