Quicklinks Issue

The last two days, quicklinks doesn’t work for me immediately after initial login to navigate to [I]Today’s Posts[/I]. I later tried [I]Who’s Online[/I] as a test, with same results. [I]Edit Signature[/I] did work.

I must access my unread posts through the main forum page ([I]Window Cleaning Resource[/I]) and then the quicklinks function works.

BTW, as reported some time ago, clicking on [I]Today’s Posts[/I] still frequently results in a vBulletin error message on first attempts after login, then works as designed.

[I]Today’s Posts[/I] isn’t working for me, either.
I use Firefox.

It’s only been working when I am within a topic. It doesn’t work when I am in the main forum page.

I Use AT&T Yahoo! Browser and IE7.

Well, [I]Today’s Posts[/I] worked for me today from the main page upon first login.

UPDATE: Subsequent attempts to access [I]Today’s Posts[/I] from the main forum page were unsuccessful.

Perhaps Mandy will resolve this issue.

To add to what’s already been mentioned nothing in the “Quicklinks” section is working for me as of 3:30 pm 8-17-08

Not working from the main forum page or not working when you are already within a topic?

I thought i could access anything under the “Quicklinks” tab off the main forum menu or not but…it seems as though it works for me while in a particular thread?

Could have been my Bad??

No, it SHOULD work from anywhere. I asked so that Chris (or Mandy or Eric or Alex or Mr. Samuelsson or one of The Misfits) would have enough trouble-shooting information.

Thanks Guys!

I am working on it… I appreciate it and hope people continue to point out when things are not quite right.

Mark forum read would be a great one for me…if it worked :frowning:

Will using the Mark Forums Read button on the main forum page assist you in any way?

Karl does that always happen? I just tried and I could not duplicate the error. Did you get an error message?

Usually by clicking the mark forum read button - it clears all the pages shown that aren’t read or you don’t want to read (highlighted in white). Currently there are upteen video’s & other stuff that I’ve already seen & even clicking on them & going back ‘home’ won’t clear them to show they’ve been read.
Failing to clear them sends you back to that page on the whim that you haven’t read the content when I have. There are also other topics I don’t want to read yet go to time & time again because the ‘mark forum read’ button doesn’t work.
Because this forum has slowed down considerably in the last week or so, its getting a bit tedious. I’ve seen users leave for less!

Chris: No error message - just nothing happens.

Karl can you email me your log in info so I can check it out as you?

I havent noticed any type of slow down whatsoever… So I would like to investigate it as you.

Let me know.

PM’d you