QuickTalkPodcast.com NEW Episode - Chris Lambrinides Interview

Get it here! Its great stuff. 002: Chris Lambrinides: How a kid from New Jersey built a Cleaning Empire - The Quicktalk Podcast

Today’s guest is Chris Lambrinides from Vernon, NJ. Chris is a serial entrepreneur focusing heavily in the window cleaning niche. He started his business journey by founding All County Window Cleaning in NJ and took it from nothing to over 50 employees and $300,000 in revenue during the busy months. Always looking to add more value to the industry Chris started an online forum that quickly became the largest of its kind in the world, www.WindowCleaningResource.com

From there he founded both a large online equipment and supply store (Window Cleaning Supplies & Water Fed Pole Equipment) and two trade associations. Chris has helped thousands of business owner from all over the world improve their businesses by using systems and he is also an expert with direct mail.

The newest project Chris is working on can be found here: www.windowcleaner.com

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