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I have a large home I’m looking at with 128 french pane window encasement’s. In/Out. Also 128 Pozzi storm windows that are like Pella panes, but are fastened in with screws on the exterior of the house. These storm panes are the thick glass and of the 128 storms 65 of them will require 2 people to remove them from 2nd story (extension ladder work.) The other 63 are ground level and will require a step ladder and 2 people.

I’m estimating 4 people 3-4 days. What do you all think. How Much to Charge?

Is that 128 French panes, or 128 windows that have how many French panes in each window?

128 Windows with many french pane in each.

Get out your calculator then and start adding it all up. No use in giving away your work just because it’s a big job.

I’m at 4,500- 6,500 It’s more like a construction project moving that glass up and down ladders.

Arm and a leg!


Maybe set up a jig of some sort that 2 workers can manipulate those down and clean while the other 1 cleans the stationary one, then the other 2 replace it. A bodacious production line.

Or, one could stay up on the ladder to hold the storm while the other wfp’s it from the ground jkjk Tip: wear a wet suit.

Now be sure to get this one on video!! LOL

Thinking about climbing the ladder, place large suction cups on glass, then remove the holding brackets and slowly pull the glass away from it’s frame. One person below holds the rope that goes back up to the top of the ladder and around a pulley. Ground person bears the weight of storm while lowering down to be cleaned. Ladder person can use a hand held water-fed brush to clean or traditional method while up on ladder. ???

Sea Sucker has a fantastic suction system. SeaSucker | Vacuum Mounting Systems

i would quote them $1,000,000 for having such ridiculous windows. i’ve cleaned many pozzi’s but i’m not familiar with the model you’re speaking of. any chance you could post a picture of one of the storm units?

Do you have the picture of window and storms?

Not a good idea to Water Fed brush it, the water always needs to to be minimal in a sealed storm window…Dry the ledge and internal frame well and the storm plate frame also while on the ground…If water is in the sealed storm window when reapplied it will fog the window inside because of evaporation,the dryer the better ! with 4 guys working I’d have 2 guys per crew working in opposite directions around the house…Here’s a video I made about lowering the plates down the ladder !


could you clean the outside of the storm with your wfp and tilt in the windows to clean both the inside of the storm and the outside of the window? If you can do that then you never have to remove the storm pane! I don’t see how it would take 4 people 4 days. I’m thinking three people 1 day for the french pane windows and 3 people 1 day for the storms. I’d call it $3000 at most.

Edit: But what do I know

To begin with working on a ladder safely is still dangerous, tilting the plate against the ladder and then trying to clean in between makes working on the ladder unsafe you also must spend time to dry out the inside so having the plate tilted at you makes doing the work difficult and dangerous and doing so may cause the plate to fall because both of someones hand will be needed to hold on to the ladder and also clean the window so it’s pretty much standard operating procedure to send the plate down , the way I showed in the video if you know how to do it, or carry it down …But to have it up on the ledge and against the ladder is not good…I’m sorry for disagreeing with you but I have spent many years and jobs doing plated storm windows.


P.S Brennon, have you done it the way you said ?

No. Just thinking out loud.

Can you access the inside of the storm from the inside of the house?

No. The storm windows are attached from the outside of the house. When you open the main window the storm opens with it. If the window doesn’t open there is still a storm on the outside of it. You can only bring down one storm at a time. It will take you up to 5 minutes to climb ladder get storm detached, lower storm. then 5 minutes to re-install. That would be 21hrs. of time alone not counting cleaning time. This is heavy glass and it’s big or tall.

With all that open space up front would it be worth it to rent a lift? Nice house by the way and I am sure you will get the job done. Remember, anyone can stop and unsafe act!