Quote Sheet Wording Help

Hi there
It’s time to re-order quote sheets and I wanted to edit them a little bit, trying to improve them, you can say.

I’d like to put something there, some sort of reduced waiver, saying that they release me from any responsibility for pre-existing scratches and/or damage on the windows. Before you say something, I don’t have all of my customers to sign a waiver, sometimes I do … based on what ? My criteria only.

I have check boxes on my sheets that you can use to denote different kinds of damage that catches your attention and you can point that to the customer before they sign it.

I was thinking something like
[I]" By signing below I agree to release XXX from any responsibility related to preexisted scratches and /or other damage on my windows (including, but not limited to glass, frames, vinyl and screens)"[/I]

So far that sounds good to me, but I’d like to add that we are not to held responsible since we use the right tools and proper technique to get the job done without doing any damage. That doesn’t sound too bad to me, but I’d like to see what you guys can add.

[B]PLEASE, limit your comments only to the subject, not whys or why nots .[/B]

Thanks as usual


I know you said no “why nots”, but why not put a psuedo-waiver and some terms and conditions on the reverse side of the form. Then put a note above the signature line that reads as follows:

“By signing this estimate/quote, the customer agrees to the services listed above, the schedule of those services, the prices, including taxes, and that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of this form.”

This is very similar to what is on our quote forms.

Good Luck, man!

Bert, that’s exactly what I wanna do, like pretty much every business form that you receive as a customer has a lot to read in the back.

I’m not trying to scam anybody, just don’t wanna make a big deal and start scaring people, but at the same time cover my butt in someway.

Any chance that you wanna share what you got ? Not to copy, at least for inspiration.
PM if you prefer it that way

Thanks again

I would change this by adding something like “after our visual inspection client and contractor agree on existing damage and client agrees to release…” Otherwise how could you prove what was preexisting?:wink:

Good point Tony, I do that, and forgot to mention it, is not like I just check “scratched” and keep going … I always tell them to go with me so I can show you, some people go, others don’t care … and that’s why I wanna cover my back, I haven’t had any problems so far, and want to keep it like that.

Here is an older copy (the only one I could find tonight) of my T&C on the back of my forms. It had more on it now. But this one is on the PC at the home office.IDW Terms.doc (28 KB)

Hey Bert, I’m going to download that and look at it in the morning.
Thanks for sharing