Someone made a request this morning to get a quote for window cleaning in & out.

Says this:

2nd Floor- 10 double hung (full tilt - in)
1st Floor - 9 double hung (full tilt - in)
17 - Casement
3 - Picture
3 Patio Doors

What would you guys be at?

You should have a price formula that you work off of. That makes it easy to just add up the numbers. Add in tracks, screens.

Also, estimate is contingent on verifying estimate once eyes are on the job. Because you may run into difficult ladder sets, paint debris, windows not quite as described (huge, more than told, stains, landscape from hell, etc.).


Yes. I have a price in mind, just wondering what the fellow cleaners would be at.

You didn’t mention screens so assuming none = about $540. With screens about $650. (Sight unseen, verify price once at the job.)

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$15-$16 each, probably between $450-500

Once I’ve confirmed with prospect the actual window count… $550-$650

Addendum - tilt in doesn’t make a difference to me. Will probably be done WFP or trad if necessary. Tilt ins are a PITA.



I’m at $630 cause 45 times $14. I count the 3 patio doors as 6 since there’s 2 glass units per door.


Ah you’re right, math error. Thats why I don’t answer the phone anymore :slight_smile:

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You guys are some crazy MoFo’s . Where do you come off thinking you can make this kind of money ? :rofl::rofl:

I’d do it for 199.02 All day !!

I always knew you were a closet Bucket Bob.


Yea? I’ll do it for 1 fidy dawg.

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I had to come out sooner or later the stress was unbearable

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Got my first house at 15 bucks a window :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s wrong with being a bucket bob?

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Nice! I was at $12 and recently went up to $15… so far nobody has complained lol

I never understood why clients tell me this.

First off, since I’m the professional, I’m pretty sure I can tell whether or not a window tilts in.

Second, is that knowledge supposed to mean my job is now easier? Sometimes it is if it means I avoid a ladder, but it’s not like you’re getting a discount for it.

Thought we was bucket bobs

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