Racenstein hybrid brush

Anyone know if I could cut down this brush from 16" to 12" w/out problems? I like the idea of having the best of both (nylon and boars hair) but would prefer the brush to be 12".

Have you contacted the dinosaur himself?

That brush is no good because the bristles are tooooo long, you should get the hoggs hair from reachhigerground.com. thats what i use…

ohhh, and the reachhigherground hoggs hair is only 11" long.

Same brush Doug mentioned is also Available here

Tony I am not sure if that brush can be cut down, but I have heard very good things about it.

Right now as I understand the boars hair from Shawn doesn’t fit on Tuckers.

That would be correct

only fits on UK poles


We now have an adaptor that allows Tucker users to switch to the UK goosenecks and brushes.

They will be on the site soon.

Awesome, thanks Shawn!

Heres the link.


One further point if I use the adapter - I have a 2ft goose neck for some 4th floor set back windows. Is there a way to accommodate that scenario?

Basically the adaptor will allow you to remove the Tucker goosneck/brush and add any of the UK goosenecks and brushes we sell.