Radio Advertising

We are thinking about putting some money into some short radio commercials. Any thoughts?

Its really hard to get a good ROI…

Maybe… maybe not. Have you done it? How did it work for you? Nobody does it around here, could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Ok well I never got any responses on this thread. Has anybody ever advertised their window cleaning company on the radio? It’s not expensive, $200 will get me a long ways. Anyone?

I did years ago and got basically nothing from it. BUT, I don’t feel that this would be a deterrent to me trying it in the future. I took advantage both times I tried it of a one day half-price offer from the local radio station. I got 30 total spots for $500. But they weren’t prime time and had to be used during the first quarter of the year. So those factors weren’t necessarily in my favor. And I’ve always heard, true or not, that you have to keep advertising until it really registers with people. Lets face it, we might know every word in a jingle or spiel on a local radio ad. And whether we love or hate it, we know it and may not think twice of who to call when we actually need that kind of service.

Call me if you decide to go ahead with it. I’m an audio engineer, can do the whole thing in-house and cheap right here

What does “a long ways” mean?

I am currently doing radio and have had a lot of good response. I can see where it would really depend on market though. We have very few stations here, so it is easy to get “heard”. I play all premium spots 3-5 times per day with some filler ads. Monday through Friday. ($600.00 per month).
I had 8-10 residential calls off it last week alone. Cannot tell you total ROI at this moment. I have different ads that play, not the same ad.

Funny that I see this thread now. Earlier today while driving, I was listening to the radio and I started thinking about the possibility of doing a radio ad.

Anyways, I was thinking that maybe one of the keys to radio, might be the format of the station. I personally listen mostly to NPR or old-timey Jazz stations, and would probably put my ad on a similar style station if I were to do one.

You always see Cadillac or Mercedes commercials during a golf program, and Budweiser or low cost auto insurance during a football game. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…

Perhaps some of the low responses some of you have had with radio-- was simply due to poor choice of stations.

I’m not knocking people’s choice of music but I would anticipate a lower ROI on a pop station or other similar format, where most listeners are too young to be interested in window cleaning services.

Hey Chris- how much is cheap? How’s that “golden voice”?

Depends on what you want… and the golden voice is just that, golden, but you wouldn’t want me doing the voice for an ad in Cali, I have a pretty thick accent probably wouldn’t fly out there

Actually that might work- It would stand out, and maybe you could be a mobster type who threatens to come break their legs if they don’t call me for window cleaning. Just a thought…

I did radio a few years ago for a furniture business I had. Not real good return. When people are listening to radio, many of them are driving and cannot write a phone number down. If your business is known and all you are doing is reminding people that you are there, radio is good. I won’t do it again. Just my 2 cents.

It must work for some people or there wouldn’t be any commercials on the radio. I think if you have a catchy or memorable name, the listener won’t have to write anything down-- they can just Google you. I imagine a unique sounding commercial would help as well.

Not to knock furniture businesses, but around here they are allways on the radio proclaiming a “going out of business- no intrest for a year” kind of deals. I think most people just tune them out.

I’ve never heard a commercial for window cleaning and I suspect that neither have most people. Make it unique and target the proper audience and we might strike gold-- or a gas line. Won’t know till we try I guess.

True, That’s why I am in the window cleaning business now… Went out of business when the economy took a turn. Very tough to compete with the big guys. Overall, any advertising is better than none. I hope it pays off for you. I would like to hear the results.

If I were to do it I’ll share the results. But I have no immediate plans for it. Was just thinking about it the other day and then saw this thread. Just thinking out loud is all.

I have a radio ad going out Monday. It’ll play 20 times throughout the 5 day week, and the station is mainly 40 yrs and up. If I can figure out how to post audio (it won’t let me for some reason) then I’ll share.