Rain After Cleaning residential windows

Hey Tim here again. this summer for us here in NC has been nuts serouisly hot, and never know when its going to rain, you would think we lived in FL… I was using Unger Easy Glide as my solution, then think I may have had an alergic reaction to it, not sure if it was that so I switched to using dawn, The unger easy glide seemed to keep the windows cleaner longer , as i always test everything on my windows first, …
Here is my Question??, If you clean the windows on what you think is a bright and sunny day, and then just a few hours later the rain comes down like crazy, is it normal to have white spots from the residue all over the windows? I am only hoping that i didnt leave this for my customers, ande this last time it rained 3 days straight right after a full day of cleaning windows, i sent an email to my customers after the 2nd day of rain they said they where happy, but after i looked at my own windows when it cleared up… i was disapointed. …I no that the GG4 is what is everyone is saying to get, just havent bought it to test it.

I use GG4 and have never had this happen. Of course it could be residue or dirt from the top frame being washed down. When we use our wfp we scrub the top frame so this doesn’t happen.

I clean the top also, it is more the rain drops that sit there, after a day of bad humid weather, but not sure, I took a pic of it and will post it tomorrow if i get a chance. It could be more of something i notice than anyone else would, but not sure. I dont have a wfp but use a simular method to clean the tops, … its just the rain drops sitting there way to long and then leaving the residue of the soap i think, and i use very little soap, as i have read here less is better. but i dont know.

I have never had that happen either when I was using dawn, or since I have switched to GG4. And I have had a surprise storm come in later in the evening after cleaning all day with both soaps.

The only other possibility I can think of would be residue from previous cleans in the seal of the top of the frame. The storm hits and wind blows a lot of rain up there and it gets pulled out.

maybe the 1st post is right then, not sure? it could just be me looking to hard, and its very possible i guess that im not cleaning the tops well enough… but it looks like where the rain hits, and not drying is just sitting there and then dries with the white spots.

If you clean the frames, it may not be residue at all. It may be just dust particles in the air, smog or smoke…if there is any kind of breeze and the windows are wet and that air has some dust in it, you can bet there will be some mild spotting.
Can you get a picture?

I have seen my windows do this when its been a scorcher of a summer. No rain for weeks and weeks (or months) and along comes this storm that just kicks things up all over the place. No rain guarantee can hold up to this type of situation that im aware of. We call it a “dirty rain”. With the way things have been with dry weather this year in most of the U.S., i would be hesitant to show up on a job if its forcasted to pour rain all day.

Its probably some sort of smek coming from inside the seals or blowing around in the air. I did a house while it was raining on Monday, with Dawn, and after a blazing hot summer and 2 months with no rain at all, and there was no problem

Thanks everyone for your input, I think after looking at it again, its what most of you said, its dry then it rains like crazy, it does look more like dirt rings after looking closer like dust got in to the drops after the drops stayed put for so long bc of the humidity…I will post a pic that i took, its dark now so you can only really see it around the flash of the cam, so the picture may be pointless lol

Yeah, from what I can tell, it looks almost like when your puttin’ out bad water…when your TDS starts gettin’ up there or when you got some bad caulking or frames that have dirt in them and the drip is bad. I don’t think it is residue from the frames, because you should see drip patterns, and the whold pane of glass should not be covered with the spots I wouldn’t think. The times I have dealt with residue from previous cleanings, there were patterns (don’t make it always true either). Did you notice it only on one window, only one side of the home, only on the first floor…is there any metal above the window? If you can isolate it you might be able to figure out what the cause is. If you can get a pic durring the day, it should help with trying to figure it out.

Well here is the thing about rain, wind, kids and dogs… it keeps us all busy. we do a 7 day free rtu. When I first started out I would call every job I had done leading up to the “storm” and ask them if their glass was messed up and if it was I would sell them another cleaning. Just Kidding! rtu’s are cosmetic and are really quick and create a very happy customer!

I will get a day time picture tomorrow, and post it… I am thinking its more dust that got in the drops, some of it looks like residue. And I only cleaned 2 large windows with the dawn, down stairs… What is Rtu? and i was cracking up on selling them a new cleaning, lol… we would be rich if we could do that lol

RTU= Rain Touch Up.

I took the day time pic, but it shows nothing, or my cam just doesnt pick it up… When I looked at it during the day you really cant see it, the windows looked clean to me… it was just at night with the outside light on that showed the spots. So i dont know.

Not hard water?