Rain Flow install

Here’s a compilation of some short videos we shot of me during a recent Rain Flow install.


Um what exactly are we watching and what possible reason do you have for making this video my good man? The sound track is terrible also. lol jk

Cool video Tony. Thanks for sharing

I’d like to request some Minor Threat, please, for the next soundtrack.

I don’t think the YouTube editor has that in the list and I’m not technologically advanced to add it. :wink:

Perhaps Mr. Sanchez or the WCR Nation production staff could take a meeting with you…

Music has to go. Annoying as H$#$! Were you leaning up against the gutters?

I saw a stabilizer during the video on the roof, bit at first – like you – I thought the ladder was against the gutter.

I had a standoff on the ladder so I wasn’t on the gutter.

Come on people, Tony knows better than to lean a ladder on the gutters