Rain Flow Marketing

OK… Here it is…

I think Rainflow is like the best thing since sliced bread. But I have no idea how to sell it.

I know there are Sample Flyers that you can have printed for like $0.15ea.

[B]But after that.[/B]

Does anyone have a RainFlow Estimate Proposal Package they would like to share???

For the love of God… Please…

The winter is a great time to pitch this product. Even if you can’t install until spring. But NOW is the time. Before the rainy season.

I have a sample with the gutter and what not. I just need some selling material.



Hey Louie,
Here lately I’ve been pushing the Rain Flow big time to fill these monster gaps in my schedule during the winter slow season. I have a space for customer’s e-mail addresses on both my invoicing and on my “How did we do?” cards after completion.

 I've been following up with e-mails after completion of all jobs of late with a measured out bid for Rain Flow with a total cost.  I've had 3 customers take one of my offers for Rain Flow in the past two weeks.  Here is an e-mail I sent to this Doctor recently whom decided to have it installed:

[b]Dr. Xxxxxxx,

 Just a quick update on the work we performed on your gutters today and a suggestion.  We cleaned out and removed all the leaves, branches and debris from your upper gutters today.  (they were full)  The water source spigot was not on, I knocked on the door and no one answered so we used water from our tank on our truck to flush the downspouts.

 My company offers an affordable and reliable gutter protection system that I have on my own home and have installed in several homes this year.  It is called Rain Flow and it is I believe perfect for your gutter situation in terms of aesthetics and performance.  We install it priced by the linear foot at $X.XX per linear foot.  I measured your total gutters to be approx. XXX linear feet.  XXX linear feet of gutter @ $X.XX per linear foot = $XXX.XX.  Another option would be to only install in the upper gutters and we would only account for the upper gutter linear footage which I determined to be approx. XX linear feet of gutter @ $X.XX per linear foot = $XXX. 

 We could install it anytime this winter or in the spring.  I highly suggest you consider this option as it would not only virtually eliminate your upper gutter issues but also enhance the sales appeal of your home.  Here is a link to my website that will give you all the information you need regarding Rain Flow:


Thanks again for the business and you may call or e-mail if interested in the Rain Flow.

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD[/b]

Has anyone used the rainflow flyers? I might try some of them but I’d like more info on them than just my name and telephone number, it seems that is all they want to print on the flyer for you. Rainflow doesn’t really seem to market to residential customers, they market towards contractors. They don’t have any way to contact local installers on their website, all the contacts are dealers so the people going to their site will be sent to a dealer not the actual installer. This doesn’t make much sense to me but thats how they explained it to me. They didn’t seem to keen on the idea of putting up contacts to companies that actually install their product, I was told contact the supply houses and leave my info.

well, they sell to contractors and that is their main focus. This is no different than selling window cleaning.

Go print some fliers, mailers, put ads on craigslist or anything else you normally do. Put a web page up on your site dedicated to it (it is worth it). Call your current clients to show them a presentation of the product, etc, etc…

Remember, selling is selling.

An undeniable truth…

I guess I am just not comfortable with it yet. (The Rainflow that is.)

Guess what I am looking for is a format for a bid sheet.

Prospecting via internet, mail, fliers, etc is a no brainer. But at the point of sale. What do you give your prospects???

Know what I mean??

Carbon copy Service Agreement??
Business card with price on back (just kidding)
Estimate sheet with explanation of benefits?



Louie I can post the sales package ACWC uses… I am out of the office for a week though, so I will post it up when I get back. Just hit me up if you see that I forgot. WCR isopen all week though!

Great thread on this subject over at the AUWC forum.

Oh – never mind; I forgot – it was deleted.

And … what are you doing away from the office for a week ?
Having fun uh ?
Enjoying your family ?

You’re spoiled Chris :smiley:

Now that’s funny right there I tell you what.:smiley:

Since my thread was deleted on AUWC I would like to ask it here and see what the response is.

You guys that are selling Rain Flow. What has been your experience when stacked up against Gutter Helmet or any of the knock offs of this product. I am wondering how you sell the product as an adavantage over these products. Gutter Helmet is aluminum its warranty is lifetime. It is a installed product not just something you stuff into a gutter.

Is price the advantage? Let me say there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone I am sure cant afford Gutter Helmet but may need a solution. I have Gutter Helmet and several others in my area. I am wanting to see how we stack up to these guys and how to market to our customers.

Thanks in advance.

The cost for installing Gutter Helmet in this area is almost double what I charge for Rain Flow. Plus w/ GH you have to mechanically fasten it to the roof. I prefer not putting any holes in someones roof if I can avoid it.

So pricing is a big difference. I wasnt sure what GH was costing but I am probably very similiar to yours.

Gutter helmet is about 2x as expensive as rain flow, but I have customers who have GH and they tell me it works great and keeps even the pine needles out. Rain Flow can be a tough sell to some people. We do tell people though that if we install rain flow for them and they notice leaves or anything piling up and are nervous that the product may not be working, we will come by anytime and clean the gutters if necessary make sure that the product is doing it’s job. I have it on my house and works awesome.

What is it that makes it aq tough sell? We dont have many pines around here.

It’s far more expensive than gutter cleaning in most cases and people have a hard time shelling out $1500 for Rain flow as opposed to $150 for a gutter cleaning. Some people just don’t want to deal with sesonal gutter maintence at all and they are an easy sell. The other benfit of rain flow as opposed to Gutter helmet is that you can not see rain flow in the gutters from the ground where as gutter helmet is clearly visible from the ground.

Makes sense

Thanks for the reply

Which means RainFlow will not change the appearance of the house.

GH does.
RainFlow Doesn’t. i.e. Rain Flow preserves the integrity of the appearance of your home.

Good selling point.

I think some people feel they shouldn’t have to pay our prices for something that we are just “stuffing” in their gutters. I’ve also had people look at the sample and not think that water will run through it, they poured a bottle of water on top and were impressed. It would be nice for the product to be as popular as and also start competing with GH!

Earlier this year I didn’t get squat for Rain Flow sales. This fall things have changed. I have just the basic brochure (tri-fold) that was furnished by Chris & Alex to me. I (of course have my sample) have actually called Rain Flow to get as much information as possible.

I have found that getting anything more than what you will get from their website is like pulling teeth. But! I would not attempt to sell a product that I did not have faith in so I put it in my own gutters on my home. We have several mature trees around my home and it has done well.

Like Linda does, I make sure customers are comfortable by assuring them we will come out free of charge during the first year after install if they feel there is a problem with their gutters where the Rain Flow is in place. (I have yet to have received a call)

Personally, I think Rain Flow is the type of product that represents itself. It works! The patented material is durable and economical and as has been stated several times, is aesthetically superior to all of it’s competitors because it does not protrude from the gutters.

What better way to sell a product than with yourself as the reference. So I installed it in my gutters and have found it to be a great asset to my home.