Rain flow or not?

hello all…love this forum…want to throw a question out there for some feed back…
I have approximately 95 gutter customers with a spring and fall cleaning contract…its a nice chunk of change. I have been reading about the rain Flow a lot on here, and it seems to be a good item…should I target current customers or new customers for the rain flow. Not that every current customer would jump on it, but would it be worth losing the bi-annual account for a one time fix??

Hey Dr Squeegee

You would be able to get Rain flow for super cheap… Your so close to us you could just pick it up. You and I are basically in the same market, and we have installed about 15,000 feet of it so far this season.

People love it!

When I was originally contemplating working with this product, I struggled with that same decision. Is it worth it to take a larger sum up front and lose the annual GC contract? That really will have to be your choice, but for us, I would rather have that $ now.

yes I spoke to you when I was starting up…And I was thinking the same thing, if I do the rain flow I will make a trip down to you…I havent seen a gutter system yet that I like…but this one seems nice. nothing worse than cleaning cutters that have some sort of cover/topper/helmet etc attaced.

Target the customers you already have. Whenever we do a gutter cleaning job for someone and it seems that thier home would really benefit from rain flow we leave a rain flow brochure. Keep planting the seeds, eventually something will grow.