Rain Flow Warranty

How do you deal with the Rain Flow Warranty? I have a copy of one that was sent to me with my sample. Do I just make copies and send one in every time I do an install? Do you put anything on the invoice making the customer aware of the warranty? Do you give them a copy of the warranty that is to be sent in to Rain Flow?

We just give them the one that comes in each box.

In the recent Nation videa you mentioned making a pdf for the Rain Flow guarantee. I’d love to get one to use as a selling point.

me too.

I will get 1 posted up for you guys by tomorrow or the next day.

Here ya go guys. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Seth, to answer your question, when we do a Rain Flow Install I fill out the warranty and send a copy directly to Rain Flow, keep one for my records and send a copy directly to the customer letting them know that I have sent it to Rain flow on their behalf.

Thanks for the replies.

A couple other questions…

  1. Under purchased from on the form, do you fill out where you bought the Rain Flow or is that for the customer to put my company name?

  2. Answering number 1 will help me answer what to fill in under signature of purchaser.

  3. What do you fill in for installer? Company name, or actual technician who installed it? Or both?

Thanks again y’all

Under purchased from I fill in where we bought the pruduct, therefore I am the purchaser. As for the installer I just put the company name, but its a good idea of course for your own records to write on your copy who the tech was that installed it, just for future reference! Hope that helps.