Rainbow streaks and jittering

When I clean windows and close out, I see this rainbow like residue at the bottom. How do I get rid of it? Also, when I squeegee, my rubber sometimes jitters/skips across the edge. How can I also rectify this?

I have attached photos of the rainbow streaks

jittering: not enough water or dry spots, not enough slip, bad rubber, or bad channel angle when squeegeeing.
Rainbow: what soap/slip/cleaning agent are you using? OR it could be a chenical reaction from what is being removed from the window surface and your cleaning agent. I got rainbows with Dawn but not like that.

I use Fairy, perhaps I use too much?

this somtimes hapens with certen new rubber-seals:it’s greas from the rubber, so the soap is trying to disolve the greas.So it ‘runs-out’.
What you can do is use the first time a strong digreaser and scrub the rubber…